Frequently Asked Questions

Questions from attendees:

Every one of our customers has their own page on EasySignup where their public events are shown.

You can not sign up to an event from - this is only a presentation of our product.

You will need to know the address for the event that you wish to sign up for. If you are unsure what the exact address is, please contact the company or organisation hosting the event.

Questions from event organizers:

No, of course not.

No login or account is needed to sign up to an event managed with EasySignup. The guest simply enters the required information into the fields on the page to complete the signup. A confirmation email will be sent right away after completing the signup.

It is often a good idea to create the accommodation selection as one or more additional services. This allows you to offer all the different options. See a guide to additional services here.

Consider whether or not a choice from the additional service should be required. This will make sure that your guests make a choice. However remember to also offer the choice of "No accommodation" or similar to let guests say no to accommodation.

When having more than one event responsible, you need to create personal usernames and passwords for those who need access to EasySignup.

In relation to GDPR you must be able to document who has access to process the personal information contained in your EasySignup dashboard.

This is only possible if everyone has their own user access. Furthermore, this offers a number of advantages:

  • A specific user can be responsible for an event. The user will then be listed as contact person and receive notifications for the event.
  • Each user can have its own set of access rights, i.e. only be able to view information or only have access to certain events.
  • Every user has its own login details. So there is no need to share the information and risk that one person changes password preventing others from logging in.
  • You can assign a user to a department. A user can be event responsible in the "Sales and Marketing Department" while not having access to "HR Department". This way users can only see and edit events that they are responsible for.

You can read more about user accounts here: User accounts

Or contact us on for more information.

Yes. EasySignup has a built-in queueing system that is automatically activated when a large amount of visitors use the system.

You can read more about our queueing system here: Information about the automatic queueing system

You don't have to do anything. EasySignup automatically displays a message that the event is fully booked, when the maximum number of attendees has been reached.

You can also choose to activate our waiting list feature. This allows those interested in participating, to sign up on a waiting list when the event is fully booked.

Should any seats become available, you have complete control of who should be offered a seat for the event.

An email with a confirmation message is automatically sent to the email-address entered by the guest when signing up.

The email contains information about the event as well as the information entered during the signup process.

A calendar file is also attached, containing an appointment that can easily be added to the guest's calendar.

You always have the option to cancel a guest's signup from an event's status page. You can find a guide to do so here: How to cancel a guest

You can also choose to let the guest cancel their own signup via a link in their confirmation email. Find a guide to let guests cancel their own signup here: Letting guests cancel their own signups

First you should make sure that no more guests sign up. Mark the event as "Cancelled" by pressing the "Cancel event" button, which you will find on the event status page.

Then contact signed up guests to tell them that the event has been cancelled.

Finally you can cancel the guests. When all guests have been removed, you can choose to delete the event.

Read our guide to cancel an event here.

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