Data Security

Data security is our highest priority

At EasySignup we take many necessary precautions to protect your data.

In practical terms, this means that we have set up procedures in the areas that affect IT security - from system development to customer service management.

These procedures are made to ensure, your data is stored and processed in accordance with GDPR and The Danish Data Protection Act.

EasySignup has an ISAE 3000 audit report. This ensures you, that we comply with GDPR and the agreed data processing when we as data processors process personal data on behalf of you.

How does GDPR affect your work with events?

When you collect information on your participants, you are the data controller of the personal information you receive and store.
This could e.g. be signups for a meeting, course, or a conference, that you have received in your mailbox after having sent out invitations to your event.

You are responsible for registering, processing and storing these data in compliance with GDPR.

But have you considered:

  • How you ensure the stored data is deleted?
  • Where your data is stored?
  • How you can document who has access to the data?
  • How you get consents from your participants to e.g. send out newsletters or invite them to future events?
  • How you comply with your obligation to inform?

These are just some of the many considerations, that may lead to a giant GDPR-headache, and which requires a little extra energy to take into consideration each time you register signups for an event.

Don't worry. We have made it easier for you to comply with GDPR and The Danish Data Protection Act when you receive signups for your events.

4 ways EasySignup makes it easier for you to comply with GDPR

Deletion of personal data

As a general rule, personal data about your participants is deleted in the system two years after your event is over. You can, however, set up individual rules for deletion of each piece of information you collect.

Documentation of access

Create more users in the system and choose what the individual users should have access to. An overview of users and their access can be found on your EasySignup account.

Personal data is stored in Denmark

EasySignup has no sub-processors and does not transfer your data to other EU countries or to third countries.

Easy to ensure compliance

Our audit report (ISAE 3000) acts as an insurance that EasySignup complies with the agreed data processing agreement - and makes it easier for you as the data controller to ensure compliance.


Your personal data is stored in Denmark

Previously, the "Privacy Shield Framework" was a valid transfer basis of personal data to e.g. the US or American companies with servers in Europe. That's not the case any longer. EasySignup ensures you that we do not transfer the personal data, we process for you, to other EU countries or third countries.

Our servers are placed in Denmark and we only have employees in Denmark. Thus, your participants' personal data remains safe on Danish land.

Automated deletion of participants' personal information

EasySignup makes it possible for you to choose when participants' personal information is to be deleted. The time of deletion can be set up individually for each information you collect.

You may for instance want information about participants' dietary restrictions to be deleted two days after the event, and delete the rest of the collected information at a later date. As a general rule, personal data about your participants is deleted in the system two years after your event is over.


Obtain a separate consent from your attendees easily

Do you want to invite your participants to future events? Or do you need a separate consent to collect sensitive personal information? With EasySignup you can easily collect separate consents from your participants when they register for your event.

Furthermore, you can easily identify and delete personal data in the IT-system, in case a participant withdraws his or her consent.

Do you want to know more about, how you handle personal data in EasySignup?

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How does EasySignup process your data?

When EasySignup processes personal data on your behalf, we have a number of obligations. To ensure you we process your data in compliance with current legislation, we enter into a data processing agreement with you.

Read EasySignup's data processing agreement

Got questions about the data security in EasySignup? Contact our skilled commercial lawyer

Janni Henriksen
Commercial lawyer and project coordinator

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