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Allow participants to cancel their registration (for a single events)

Support   >   Guide Overview   >   Registration   >   Allow participants to cancel their registration (for a single events)

You can allow participants to cancel their registration for a single event. Find the setting on the page, where you edit an event.

  • Find the setting "Participant Cancellation Allowed" under "Time for registration and event". "Default" complies with the general account setting under Account->Settings. See how to change this here.

    Select another option if you want the setting for the specific event to differ from the general setting. Choose "Yes" to allow attendees to cancel their registration or "No" for the opposite.
  • Selecting "Yes" allows people to click on a link in the confirmation e-mail and cancel their registration.

    Then you can choose the deadline for when the participant can cancel the registration.

    You can set different criteria based on the event's start or end date as well as the registration deadline.
  • Click "Save and stay on the page" to save and continue editing or "Save changes" to save return to the list of events. Both buttons are located at the buttom right hand side.