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EasySignup E-learning - Your shortcut to getting the most out of EasySignup

1. Introduction to e-learning area


1.1 Introduction to e-learning area

Welcome to EasySignup’s e-learning area.

You are now on your way to easier administration of signups for your events. EasySignup is an online system where people can easily signup for your events - also if it costs something to attend.

EasySignup has a lot of useful features that can save you a lot of time when organizing events. The most used features are explained here in the e-learning area.

You can watch the videos from beginning to end or on an ad hoc basis when you need help to a specific issue – for instance how to send invitations to your event. The videos are categories to the right, so it's easy to remember what you have already viewed.

We have made some assignments in addition to the videos. You can download and work with these if you need extra training.

The assignments let you work with all the important features of EasySignup, which you may need to use at some point. Hence, you will get an introduction to the system before working on your own "real" event.

Have fun with our e-learning.

PS: Remember that you can find guides for almost any feature in EasySignup here.

Online Exercises

- Feel free to start working on the exercises now - or you can view the videos before working on the exercises.

Download the exercise booklet to get started. It is available in PDF-format: Click here