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How to create additional services, e.g. accommodation, choice of workshop, meals or transport

Support   >   Guide Overview   >   Additional event settings   >   How to create additional services, e.g. accommodation, choice of workshop, meals or transport

An additional service is a choice, the attendee must/can make along with their registration. It could be choice of workshop, transport, accommodation etc., where attendees can choose from a set of options. You can create both free additional services and services that cost something.

  • Create additional services on the page, where you edit the event.
  • Find the section "Additional services" and click "Add a new additional service".
  • Now you can enter information about the additional service.
  1. Name the additional service, e.g. "Workshop session 1".
  2. Enter a description.
  3. Select whether to offer the additional service to all tickets types or just some. Choosing "All Tickets Types" will also include ticket types created after the additional service is saved.

    You must tick the ticket types in quetions, if you select "Specific Ticket Types". 
  4. Click "Advanced Settings" if you want to present the additional service only when people register a certain number of persons, e.g. offer "double room" when 2 persons register together.
  5. Select "Yes" if it's mandatory for the attendee to select an option. Select "No" if the additional service is optional.
  6. Enter options, quantity and price. To give the attendees the opportunity to write a comment to an option, click on the small speech bubble to the right and give the input field a title, e.g. "Enter dietary needs" to the option "I will attend the dinner."
  7. Click on the checkmark to save the additional service.
  • Click "Add a new additional service" to create another additional service.
  • Click "Save changes" at the bottom on the page, when you are done.
  • People are now presented the additional services when registering for your event.