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We're a team of committed Danes who all put personalized and present customer service first. Some of us may be a bit geeky and love to tweak and refine technical details in the system or develop new features. Others stay in contact with our customers through support, service and sales. They help you create and manage the best event possible.

We're all on a joint mission: We want to make your daily work life easier when you organize and manage events - big or small! That's why we always want to hear what you as event planner and customer would like when it comes to features, support, tips, guides etc. - and do our best to deliver it!

Meet our team:

Jacob Thomsen

Support and communication

Jacob works with support and communication at EasySignup. He is your helping hand when you need help or counseling. Jacob puts the customer first and takes the time to help you whatever challenge you have. Jacob also works with communication at EasySignup - i.a. increasing awareness about our services as well as copy-writing.

He is a calm and patient man with roots in the northwestern part of Denmark. Jacob enjoys sports, listening to music and spending time with family and friends.


Mette Jellesen

Support and communication

Mette is a part of the team that takes care of support and communication. Just like Jacob she helps the customers over the phone and email, where she is very passionate about guiding the customers in the right direction. Besides guiding the customers, she takes part in writing content for the newsletters and webpage.

Mette lives in Aalborg with her husband, her two children and her dog. She loves to knit and is eager to help people getting started with this hobby, which she considers to be the same as meditation. Besides that, she likes to write short stories, and in weekends you can find her in the local handball and football club, where she cheers a little too loud for her children.


Janni Henriksen

Commercial lawyer and project coordinator

Janni is our expert in legal issues. She is updated on current legislation and ensures that EasySignup complies with existing laws - e.g. in terms of personal data. She also performs financial "controller tasks". Janni helps management organize projects and she provides a helping hand when and where it is needed.

Janni is originally from Northern Jutland and lives in Aalborg with her boyfriend. Janni appreciates enjoying good food in good company, hiking and sports. She is especially fond of handball and the football club Liverpool FC.


Frederik Wulff

IT Quality Assurance worker

Frederik works every day on making EasySignup even easier to use. He has a degree in product and design psychology and uses his skills when it comes to creating new features or improving the user experience of the existing system. Frederik also helps the development team test any changes made to the system.

Frederik lives in the city of Aalborg with his girlfriend and child. He is into cooking and kitchen gadgets. In his spare time he likes to photograph examples of bad design and taking bike rides while listening to audiobooks and podcasts.


Simone Søe-Jensen

Online marketing

Simone is part of the sales- and marketing team at EasySignup. As part of this, she spreads the message of EasySignup's user-friendly and timesaving system and increases the awareness of EasySignup both within and outside Denmark.

Simone is originally from Nibe, but currently lives in Aalborg with her boyfriend and their tiny dwarf hamster John. When she doesn't spend time with her beloved hamster, she uses her spare time on creative projects such as drawings, paintings and home-sewed carpets.


Rasmus Lauritsen

Web developer

Rasmus is part of our development team. He works on developing new features and making existing features even better, in order to ensure that EasySignup continues to be an easy and efficient tool for you. Rasmus is especially good when it comes to analyzing and considering all possible scenarios. He makes sure things are thoroughly tried and tested before they are released for our customers.

Rasmus is very involved in politics and has previously been a member of the local city council. He lives in the city of Aalborg with his wife and children.


Kresten Kjeldgaard

Web developer

Kresten is part of our development team. He's an experienced programmer and has a particular focus on data security.

Kresten lives in Gistrup with his girlfriend. He bikes to work every day, all year long, and is a very active outdoors person. In his spare time Kresten is involved in Scout organizations, and his vacations are typically spent in Iceland.


Thomas Kjærgaard

CEO, founder and co-owner

Thomas is co-owner of the company and is the boss at the EasySignup office. He's also our public figure and often visits partners and customers to expand our network.

Thomas is very experienced in the IT industry, he's a sharp analyst and very straightforward. He also spends a good deal of his time helping and guiding customers. Thomas lives in the city of Aalborg with his wife and children. In his spare time Thomas is an avid windsurfer and a committed member of the international network Junior Chamber International (JCI).


Jeppe Vistisen

Founder and co-owner

Jeppe is the company's other co-owner. He makes sure the office runs smoothly. He also handles the daily accounts and many aspects of the administrative tasks.

Jeppe lives in the city of Aalborg and likes to go on walks along the shoreline of the local fjord as well as cooking delicious meals with his friends. He has a great passion for motor sports, cars and technology.