Cookie- and privacy policy

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Cookie- and Privacy Policy

1. General

1.1. The cookie- and privacy policy in this chapter describes how ApS (, Strømmen 6, 9400 Nørresundby, company registration number 27673120 on behalf of collect and process your personal data when you use the self-service system and visit the homepage

1.2. is data controller for the processing of your personal data. You can always contact, regarding questions about the processing of your personal data at

1.3. This cookie- and privacy policy does not describe the processing of attendees personal data registering to events through the registration service system The processing of the attendees personal data are described on each event site of registration and in the email confirmation each attendee receives after completing their registration.

2. What personal data is collected and for what purpose

2.1.The processing of your data as Subscriber to the self-service system

2.1.1. As a user of your name, company name, job title, phone number and email will be transferred and stored in's system.

2.1.2. The given information is exclusively used in order to provide and deliver the agreed subscription service. The only exception is's two newsletters as described in section As a user of you are automatically added to the recipient list of's two newsletters, which contain relevant information about the use of the self-service system and suggestions to improve your events. When you receive a newsletter we register whether or not you have opened the newsletter and what links you have clicked on. You may at any time choose to opt out of each newsletter.

2.1.3. The legal basis for the processing of your stated data as a user of the self-serviced system is Data Protection Regulation article 6, paragraph 1, schedule b, c and f.

2.2. The processing of the information you give when you visit the homepage

2.2.1. The homepage use cookies. A cookie is a small text file used by many homepages to recognize your computer each time you visit the homepage. A cookie is a passive file and can not disperse virus or other damaging programs. The cookies that are used will not identify you as a user but your computer.

The homepage only uses technical cookies for the homepage to work. You will therefore not be able to use the homepage if you reject the use of cookies.

The technical cookies will automatical be deleted by your browser when you close your browser session. You will find information on how to delete cookies in this instruction

2.2.2. When you visit the homepage your activity is registered in a log. The log stores information about all your activities on the homepage. The information stored depends on which pages you visit on the homepage.

The only information can see, if you visit our homepages without being logged in as a user in the self-service system, is which pages you have visited. does not register personal data about you on the homepages available without being logged in as a user.

If you login as a user in the self-service system, can see:

  • which IP address you use
  • which user-id you are logged in with
  • which pages you have visited on the homepage

Furthermore, we log most of your activities in the administration e.g. which events you have set up, edited, seen, deleted etc. including what you have typed in.

The log is used to document what you do in the system, optimize user experience, improve sales promotion and as documentation if any disagreements occur.

2.2.3. The legal basis for the processing of the information you give when you visit the homepage is EU General Data Protection Regulation article 6, paragraph 1, schedule b, c and f.

2.3. The processing of information on social media

2.3.1. uses several different social media including LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to brand and promote If you interact with on a social media you will give information of the interaction to and the social media e.g. if you react to our posts, comment or share them, just as we process the information that you "like" or follow us on a social media.

If you interact with on social media will have access to your contact information, profile picture and other information that you have made available on social media.

2.3.2. The legal basis for the processing of your information on social media is's legitimate interest in promoting on social media in EU General Data Protection Regulation article 6, paragraph 1, schedule f.

2.4. The processing your information if you give a consent

2.4.1. In some cases asks for a consent for a specific processing of personal data. e.g. asks for consent to send's newsletters to people who do not use the self-service system or to be able to use people in cases, interviews etc. in the promotion of

Before you give your consent to you will receive a variety of different information about e.g. what personal data uses and what uses the personal data for.

At any time you can withdraw you consent. If you withdraw your consent will not going forward process your personal data for the purpose of the consent that has been given.

2.4.2. The legal basis for the processing of the information given in a consent is EU General Data Protection Regulation article 6, paragraph 1, schedule a.

3. Recipients of your personal data

3.1. does not sell your stored personal data to any third party.

3.2. will not make the stored personal data available to any third party unless it is otherwise explicitly outlined in these Terms.

3.3. To manage and improve your registration through personal data will be sent to external recipients. The external recipients is among others payment providers and a provider of a survey system. In addition a phone operator is used when communicating by phone.

4. Deletion of personal data

4.1. All user data is stored 5 years after the end of the financial year in accordance with current legislation.

4.2. Your interaction with on social media is deleted when deletes a post or when you delete your comment, your share, your response or that you have "liked" or followed

4.3. Have you given a consent to's processing of your personal data, the personal data related to the consent will regardless of the above be stored as long as it is required by law.

5. Security

5.1. has implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration and unauthorized disclosure or abuse.

5.2. Only persons who require access to the personal data in order to fulfill work obligations have access to the personal data.

5.3. The information is stored in unencrypted form, and transferred encrypted.

6. Rights of the data subject

6.1. As a registered user you always have the opportunity to access the stored information about you, as well as object to the registration in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

6.2. The EU General Data Protection Regulation gives you as registered the following rights:

6.2.1. Right to access your personal data

You are always entitled to obtain confirmation as to whether or not personal data are being processed, including among others the purpose of the processing, categories of personal data, recipients etc. If you want to use your right to access your data you must send a written request to the person responsible for data at You may be asked to provide documentation that can confirm you are the person you say you are.

6.2.2. Right to rectification

You have the right to obtain rectification of inaccurate personal data concerning yourself. If you become aware on any inaccurate information, you might have the opportunity to change the information in the system if has provided you with this opportunity. If you can not change the inaccurate information yourself, you are encouraged to correct the information by contacting

6.2.3. Right to deletion

Under certain circumstances you have the right to obtain from the deletion of personal data concerning yourself. If the processing is still necessary e.g. in case of compliance with legal obligations or for requirements to be determined, pleaded or defended, then is not obligated to delete your personal data.

6.2.4. Right to restriction of processing

You have the right to obtain from restriction of processing of your personal data to storage only, e.g. if you contest the accuracy of the personal data or the processing is unlawful.

6.2.5. Right to data portability (Delivery of data in a commonly used format)

Under certain circumstances you have the right to receive from the personal data concerning yourself provided to you in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format to be transferred to another data controller.

6.2.6. Right to object

You have the right to object to the processing of personal data concerning you.

You can use your rights, including the right to object by contacting at will after your request check whether or not the requirements of your request is fulfilled and subsequently complete the changes or delete the data as soon as possible.

6.3. You can complain about the processing of your personal information to:

Carl Jacobsens Vej 35
2500 Valby
Tlf.: 33 19 32 00
Fax: 33 19 32 18