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Jacob Thomsen
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How to cancel an event

Support   >   Guide Overview   >   Registration   >   How to cancel an event

If you have to cancel an event, it is important to communicate with your attendees and cancel/refund their orders.

  • First you need to close the registration. Adjust the maximum number of participants to 0 on the edit event page. You can also add information in the event description that the event is cancelled.
  • Now let the attendees know about the cancellation. Go to the event report page and click "Contact attendees". Let them know about the expectations for refunds, who they can contact with further questions, or if you plan on re-scheduling the event.
  • You can then start to refund paid registrations and cancel free registrations. Go to the event report page and find the section "Attendees". Click on the "X" next to the attendee to cancel/refund.

    • Free registration: Choose whether to send an cancellation e-mail to the attendee and click "Perform" to cancel the registration.
    • Paid registration: Tick the person(s) you want to cancel and refund and click "Refund". The attendee fee is then transferred to the credit card used at registration.
    • You need to enter a bank account number if it is a refund of an invoice payment or EAN.
  • Have you only collected information about the orderer, you'll see a drop down menu if the orderer has registered more than more person. Adjust this to 0 to make a full refund and click "Refund.
  • Finally, you can delete the event if you wish to. Click on the "X" next to the event. Please note that the "Delete" option won't appear until you've refunded/cancellted all registrations.