Set up rules for deletion of personal data - applies to all future events

You can in the EasySignup dashboard set up rules for when personal data should be deleted automatically. This guide shows you how to set up these rules so that they apply to all future events.

Note: Changing the rules will only affect future events. The events already created will have the deletion rules in force before the change.

Time of deletion is listed in the terms of registration on all events. Hence, attendees are informed about this and expect their data to be deleted accordingly. This applies not only to deletion in EasySignup, but also in your own systems, including e-mails, databases etc.

  • Find the settings for automatic deletion on all future events under Account->Settings.

  • Find the section "Deletion of Personal Data" under the tab "Personal Data"

    You can set up rules for automatic deletion of two types of data - "Payment Related Data" and "Other Data".  
    1. "Payment related data" are the data collected by the system if attendees pay for attending the event, e.g. name, e-mail, address and phone number.
      These data must be stored for a minimum of 5 years before deletion according to Danish law.
    2. "Other data" include all personal data that aren't related to payments or data where you or another user have set up custom rules for deletion by editing a single event..

      Here you can define the time period for storage until automatic deletion. You must therefore assess how long it may be necessary to store these data.

      Click "Save Settings" to save any changes.

      You can set up custom deletion rules for the individual events if they are to differ from the default rules. By editing the individual event, it is also possible to set up custom deletion rules for specific attendee information fields or comments on additional service options.

      This allows you to either delete data faster or store data longer, possibly due to documentation requirements. Please refer to this guide if you want to set up custom deletion rules for a single event.

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