How to use EasySignup's automatic payment reminders (applies to all events)

When collecting payment from your participants via invoice or EAN, it may happen, that they for some reason do not pay on time.

To help you solve this problem, EasySignup has an automatic payment reminder function. The only thing you need to do is to set up the payment reminders once. After that the system will automatically send the payment reminders without you having to do anything. 

This guide shows you how to set up the payment reminders, which will apply as default to all the following events. 

  • Start by activating the payment reminder function by selecting Finances -> Payment reminders.
  • You will now see an overview (1) of the unpaid invoices. At the top you can see the total number of unpaid invoices and the total amount of the unpaid invoices. Further down you can see which orders that has unpaid invoices(2).
  • This allows you to adjust the details of the individual invoice before activating the reminder function - e.g. adjust that specific invoices should not be reminded, have longer payment deadline or be stated as "Paid directly" to let the system know, that you have received the money directly from the participant and not through the system.

    Click "Payment reminder settings" at the top right to activate the reminder function (3).
  • To activate the reminder function select "Automatic" in the drop-down menu. 
  • Next, choose how many reminders the system should send for each unpaid invoice, as well as the number of days between each reminder.


    We have chosen that the first reminder can only be sent after at least 5 days.

  • If it is less than 5 days, some could receive an unintentionel reminder, which we would not want. The reason is, that it takes a few days from the payment has been made, until the money has gone through the system and been registrered in EasySignup.


  • Click "Review and setup templates" to see see what the payment reminders looks like. Here you can also change the text of the different payment reminders.
  • You now have the following options:

    1. Click here to change the text in the reminder. Then make the changes and click again on the button that now has changed to "Update template".
    2. Here you can switch between the different reminders - both the English and Danish versions. 

      NOTE: If you change the text, you must do so in both the English and Danish versions, if they are to be the same. It is not enough just to change in one of them.
    3. Click here to send a test to yourself. A pop-up window will appear where you enter the e-mail to which the test e-mail is to be sent. 

      NOTE: The invoice is not attached to the test. So you can not see it when you send a test to yourself. 


  • When you are satisfied with the reminders, click "Save Settings". Now you have set up EasySignup to automatically send payment reminders to overdue invoices.

You will now see an overview of planned payment reminders under Finances - > Payment reminders. This overview will be explained in another guide, which you can find here.

If you want to customize or disable reminders for a single event see this guide.

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