How to handle overdrawn events

This guide explains how an overdrawn event can occur and what you can do to solve it.

Basically the problem is, that there has been transferred more money from the event to your own account than there is event revenue.

If that happens the amount will be missing for payout for another event, and you may risk having too much event revenue registered in your accounts.

The system will alert you, if there is not enough money, to make the payout for an event, by telling you that the requested amount exceeds the amount, that is available at the moment.

Overdrawn events can basically occur in three ways:

  • Payment transferred to your own bank account has been made correctly, but afterwards one or more participants has been refunded. That can happen if a partipant did not attend and were refunded. The system does not prevent refunds to participants as long as there is general event revenue.
  • Historically, too much money has been paid out. The system has not always prevented the payout of excessive amounts.  For some accounts, the system has even proposed payment of excessive amounts, due to special circumstances.
  • The last possibility is that the money for an event has been paid out after which the start of the event has been moved to the future.  This may mean that the revenue is no longer released and therefore the event will be overdrawn. In this case it is a temporary situation, which will resolve itself, once the event is held and the revenue is released again.

The challenge with overdrawn events can be solved in two ways. You can read more about them below, but in short:

  • You can make a payin to the event by transfering an amount to your account at EasySignup that matches the overdrawn amount. This solves the problem and creates balance between the event's revenue and payout. 
  • Payout for the event can be deactivated. This means that you choose to ignore the imbalance between the events revenue and payout - whether it is positive or negative. In other words: this does not solve the basic problem. Potentially the money will still be missing at another event. But if it is a part of a cleanup of old events, it might make good sense.

The best solution depends on what you want to achieve:

If your account is generally in balance, but there are a few events that are overdrawn, making a payin will probably be recommendable. It may also be important whether the event is a current event or an event from a closed financial year. See how to perform a payin for an event in this guide.

If there are many unbalanced events in your account, or the problem concerns old events from the previous financial year, deactivating the affected events will probably make sense.

In that case you can consider not deactivating your current and future events. We recommend that your see what the balance is, and perform a payout which will mean, that in the future you can use the the systems tools for payouts for several events. See how to deactivate payout here.

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