How to record revenue for an event when using EasySignup

This guide shows how to get documentation for your accounting, in order to record the revenue for your event with one single attachment, instead of having to record the individual registrations. 

  • Click on the event title or the status icon to get to the status page of the event.

On the status page of the event you will find an overview of the "Economy" for the event. The overview of the "Economy" is at the left below "Event status" and "Event note".

The overview shows a summary of the sales for the event (1), a calculation for the payout (2), service information (3) among other things total payout amount and a bookkeeping statement (4). In addtion there are various shortcut buttons, e.g. for a payment overview and to perform payout for the event (5)

You can download the bookkeeping statement to have it as documentation, e.g. if you need to upload it in your financial system. Click on the pdf icon to download the bookkeeping statement. 

The bookkeeping statement contains, among other things, an overview of the revenue for the event (1), transaction fees if your attendees have paid by payment card or MobilePay (2),  VAT, if any (3), an overview of sold tickets or registered attendees (4), the revenue for the individual registrations (5), the transaction fee per registration (6) and any refunded registrations with transaction fees (7).

The bookkeeping statement thus contains documentation for your accounting in one attachment.

The revenue from the event can be transferred to your own account by an "Administrator" or "Financially responsible" user on the account.  See how in this guide.

The system automatically sends a payment specification to the user who has requested the payout. You can also find the payout specification by clicking "View payments overview", after which you can view and download documentation for the payout.

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