Transfer event revenue to your own bank account

It's easy and fast to transfer event revenue from EasySignup to a bank account of your choice once the event is over. Event revenue is released 72 hours after the event is over by default. This waiting period is to protect attendees from potential fraud.

Note: If you need to transfer event revenue before the event is over, you can make an agreement about this. Attendee fees will then be released 72 hours after we have registered them - not 72 hours after the event is over.

Contact us at to request this setup.

Please also note that there will be a fee if you want to transfer to a bank account outside Denmark or in a currency other than Danish Kroner. The fee depends on the currency.

Transfer event revenue from event report page

  • Click on event title or the status icon to go to the event report page.
  • Click on "Payout from event".
  • Now you see information about the payout.
    1. This figure is the current released amount, which is available for payout. Please note that this figure covers all events - not the specific event.
    2. Here is a calculation of what can be paid out for the event. You can, among other things, see if payouts have been made and whether there are signups awaiting payment (invoice/EAN) or release (credit/debit card). Note that there must be a sufficient released amount to perform the payout.
    3. Here you can change the amount if needed and enter a text for the wire transfer. Edit the text by clicking on the orange edit icon.
    4. Select the desired bank account for the payout. Select "Other account" if you haven't saved any account details. Enter the account information. Note: If you need to make an international transfer, please contact us so we can enable IBAN/SWIFT input fields.

      Please note that you can save the account details for future use. Click "Save" and you can select the account for future payouts.
    5. Click ”Perform” to request the payout. Afterwards, we approve the request and transfer the money to you. You also receive a receipt via e-mail.

 Transfer event revenue from Account->Payments

  • Click Finances->Payments at the top of the dashboard.
  • Here you can see an overview of the account balance and some key figures. You can also see a list of payouts at the bottom of the page.
  • Click "Request payment".
  • Choose whether to list finished or all events. All events only make sense if you have made an agreement allowing you to transfer event revenue for events that haven't started.
  • Select the events you want to request a payout from. Select one, more or all. Select all by ticking the checkbox at the top of the column. Edit the text by clicking on the orange edit icon.
  • Select "Other Account" and enter bank account details. Please note that you can save the details for future payments. If you have already saved one or more bank accounts, you will be able to choose between them in the list.

    Click ”Perform” to request the payout. Afterwards, we approve the request and transfer the money to you. You also receive a receipt via e-mail once the transfer is done.

Note: Each event does not have a separate balance. The account has one total balance. Refunds, attendee fees and payouts from one event may affect the possibility to transfer revenue from another event or refund an attendee until there are sufficient funds available.

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