How to manage payment methods for all events (only accounts with payment gateway)

When you have an account with payment gateway you can offer attendees different payment methods - credit cart by default. You can also add other payment methods (invoice and EAN) that your attendees can choose. Please note that EAN invoicing only works between Danish bank accounts and in the currency DKK.

It is also possible to create your own payment methods that will go directly to your own bank account.

  • Click Finances -> Payment methods in the top of the dashboard.
  • Here you can see the active payment methods. These are the ones who are active and apply to all future events.

    The section below contains the payment methods that have been created - but which are not currently active and therefore cannot be selected for events.
  • Select the payment methods you want to offer the attendees from the list and click "Add". You can also remove payment methods by clicking "X". If your account is in DKK you can choose the following:
    • Automatic electronic invoice: We collect the attendee's EAN data at registration and send an EAN-invoice. Once we have registered the payment, the EAN-invoice will appear as paid in the attendee list.
    • Automatic invoice: If you choose this payment method, we issue an invoice in your name with an FI-code. We also register the payment. The invoice will be sent with the confirmation e-mail. Once we have registered the payment, the invoice will appear as paid in the attendee list.
    • MobilePay: Only applies in prices listed in DKK.
  • Attendees can now choose from the selected payment methods.

    You have the option to change the order by using the drag and drop arrow to the left of the payment method's name. If you click on the orange edit icon, you can change the due date for the payment method.

    Remember to click "Save Settings" when you're done.
  • NOTE: You can change payments methods for a single event bu editing the event. Learn more here.

You also have the option to accept invoice payments directly to your own bank account, e.g. if you are to receive payments from abroad or in currencies other than DKK, as the FI-system doesn't support international transactions. Please note that in this case you must check yourself whether the invoices are paid.

Please find a guide here.

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