Select whether organizer or orderer pays credit card transaction fees (for a single event)

When you charge a fee via our system for attending an event, it may be paid by credit card. Under existing law (as of 01.01.2018), it is not legal to let private cardholders pay the fee for the transaction.

If you have business customers who pay with cards issued to companies, it is legal to let the orderer pay the transaction fee. It is also legal if the card is issued outside the EU.

In most cases, the organizer must pay the fee. However, you have the option to choose to pass on the fee to the person ordering according to the above-mentioned.

This guide shows how to change this for a single event. You can also change it for all events. Find that guide here.

  • Find the event and click on the edit button.
  • Find the section "Payment Settings" under the tab "Finances". Select "Yes" to "Use special payment settings for this event" to make specific settings for this event. Click on the edit icon next to "Payment Card".
  • Find the section "Who Pays the transaction-fee?" and change it as needed.

    If you choose "The Organizer pays the transaction-fee", you will as organizer always pay the transaction fee, which will be withdrawn from the event revenue.

    If you choose "The Orderer pays the transaction-fee (if possible)", the orderer will pay the transaction fee if the system detects that a company issued card or a card issued outside the EU is used to paid the transaction.
  • Click ”Perform" on the right-hand side when you are done.
  • Click "Save and stay on the page" to save and continue editing or "Save changes" to save and return to the list of events. Both buttons are located on the bottom right-hand side.

Note: We are not legally responsible for these choices. The decision and the burden of proof rest solely with the organizer.

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