How to link a payout to an event

In our system there are two types of payouts.

  • Account based (general) payouts: Account based payouts are to be considered as on account withdrawals wint not relation to a specific event. Originally, we only had the account based form of payout. If you have an old account, you will probably have one or more of these.
  • Event based payouts: Unlike account based payouts, event based payouts are linked to revenue from a specific event.This means that the system can keep track of how much remains to be paid out from different events. 

The easiest is to use the event based payouts, as this makes it easier to keep track of which revenue has been released - and which share has been paid out.

If account based payouts has been made you can link them to specific events or you can change the payouts connection from one event to another.

To do so go to Finances - > Payments, which you will find in the top of the administration page. In the overview at the bottom of the page, you can see an overview of all payouts. Each payout has some icons.

If a payout is linked to an event it will have a paper icon to the right. Account based payouts does not have a paper icon. 


To link the payout to an event click the pencil icon and a popup window will open. 

In the popup window you select which event you want to link the payout to. The events are sorted with the oldest event first. You can see the event payout amount in the brackets after the title. This amount is thus the events revenue minus the already linked payouts. You can use the list to find an event that matches the payouts in terms of time and revenue. You can see the calculation after you have selected an event. Press "Perform" to link the payout to the event. 


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