How to contact a group of invitees

Using EasySignup invitations gives you the possiblity of contacting a group of invitees, e.g. those who declined the invitation. 

Go to the list of invitations by clicking on the following icon in the event overview:

You can also enter the list of invitations from the event report page.

  • Find the invitation in question and click on the following icon:
  • This takes you to the page where you can create the message.

    1. Select the group of invitees that you want to contact. Here are som examples:
      • Select "People invited, yet have not answered", e.g. if you want to create a scheduled reminder a week before the event.
      • Select "People not attending" if you want to contact people who have declined the invitation. Maybe with information about similar events in the future.

        NOTE: Only those who meet the criteria when the message is sent will receive the message. A person can therefore change group in the time between the message is created and it is sent. A group can also be empty, which means that the message will not be sent, as the group does not contain invitees.
    2. Decide whether to send the message right away or schedule it for later, e.g. in case of a scheduled reminder.
    3. Here you can write the message. You can use the text from the original invitation or you can write a new text. NOTE: Don't delete the various merge fields, e.g. registration and decline link if their are relevant

      Please note that you also have the possibility of attaching files to the invitation.

      You can see a preview of the message at the bottom of the page. Click "Refresh" to see any changes. Click "Send example" if you want to send a test to yourself or others.
    4. Click "Send/schedule" to finalize the message
  • The message is now sent or scheduled. You can see a history of invitation messages by clicking on the "eye".


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