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Firstly, welcome to EasySignup. You are now on your way to easier event registration.

EasySignup is an online platform, where you can manage registrations and attendees to all kinds of events – both free and ones with attendee fees. EasySignup has a lot of features, which will help to save time and energy when managing event registration, e.g. you can invite people, send them important information or reminders and print attendee lists and name badges.

See our how-to-video where we explain and show how you use this feature. 
Below the video you will find a step-by-step guide with text and pictures.


How to get started
Begin by logging in to the dashboard using the user name and password you entered, when you registered by us. You can log in to your dashboard on your own site or on

Next step is to control that the contact information about you is correct. Click Account -> Settings to enter information about the organizer.

Here you can also find settings, which apply for all your events, e.g. if attendees should be allowed to cancel their registration. Note: If you want a different setting for a single event, you can change it under "Open advanced settings" on the page, where you edit the event.

You are now ready to create your event. See how in this detailed guide.

All public events are listed on the front page/event list, which has its own link. If you have a logo, please send it to We'll make sure that the logo is visible on all registration pages and mails sent from EasySignup. 

You can find inspiration on how to make a nice overview of your current events here.

You can share your own link with yout list of current events, if you wish to advertise all your events. Find the link to the front page by clicking “View site” in the top of the dashboard.

Each event has a unique registration link, which you can share if you wish to advertise a specific event, e.g. if it is “Invite only”. You can find the event registration link in the list of events in the dashboard. Simply click on the first icon under “Actions”.

Then copy the link from the web address space.

Help is right at hand
Need help? You can browse our support area and find detailed guides on how to invite attendees, send important information to attendees, offer waiting list, cancel an event etc.

Find our support area here.

You are also welcome to contact us at in case of questions.

Introductory Videos

We've made a series of videos showing you how to use EasySignup.

Watch introductory videos

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a participant or an organizer, some of the questions you might have about the IT-system are answered here.

Read the answers

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9:00 AM - 4:00 PM CET

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