Send a post event e-mail to attendees, e.g. with pictures, slides etc

It's a good idea to keep in touch and build attendee relations with a post event e-mail. Here you can send pictures and other event material, request feedback or promote upcoming events.

  • Click on event title or the status icon to go to the event report page.
  • Click on "Contact attendees".
  • Choose "E-mail".
  • Have you already sent or scheduled messages for the event, then click "View and Send Messages" from the event report page.
  • Then choose "Contact via e-mail".
  • You can now compose your e-mail.

    1. Choose whether to contact all attendees, attendees based on a set of criteria or individual attendees.
      • "All attendees" means that all attendees registered for the event will receive the message.
      • "Select Attendees by Criteria" allows you to select a group of attendees based on their registration, e.g. ticket type, attendee information or time of registration.
      • "Select Individual Attendees" allows you to select exactly the attendee(s) who should receive the message.
    2. Choose whether to send the mail right away or schedule it for later.
    3. Name the message for internal use. This makes it easier for you to distinguish between different messages for the same event. It could be "Post e-mail with presentations". Write the message and attach files if needed. Click "Send message" when you are done.

      Please note that you can save the message as a template, if you wish to use it for other events.
  • You can see a preview of the mail on the bottom of the page. Furthermore, you can send a test message by clicking on "Send example".

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