Enable waiting list for an event

You can enable waiting list for your events. Hence, people can register even though the event is fully booked. In case of cancellations, you can offer people on the waiting list the vacant spots.

The waiting list is also a good indicator telling the organizer which events are the most popular.

  • Enable the waiting list on the page where you edit an event.
  • Find the setting "Waiting list" under the tab "Tickets" and select "Yes" to enable the waiting list. Click "Save changes" at the bottom at the page, when you are done.
  • Attendees will now see “Join waiting list" option when tickets are sold out.

    Note: All reservations needn't be completed to activate the waiting list. Hence, the waiting list is active even though some might haven't completed their reservation, i.e. the waiting list can be active even though there are available tickets.
  • People register normally when joining the waiting list. Payment of registration fee is only required if and when people are offered tickets. We then send a waiting list confirmation to the attendee and a notification to the organizer.

  • Find the waiting list on the page, where you see the status of the event.
  • Find the section "Waiting list".
  • You have these waiting list options:
    • Eye: See the registration details.
    • Checkmark: Move person to attendee list (only reservations without payment)
    • Letter: Send an e-mail with an unique link to complete registration within a deadline. He can then accept and paid or decline. Please note that attendees aren't move automatically from the waiting list in case of cancellations.
    • "X": Delete from waiting list.

Reopen ”Normal registration”

You can reopen registration in the case where the waiting list is empty, but the event isn't fully booked yet. Then people can register without joining the waiting list.

  • Click "Waiting list is empty. Reopen for registration here" when the waiting list is empty. The system scans this every fifth minute and reopens registration if the waiting list is empty and there are available tickets. 
  • People can now register normally until the event is fully booked and the waiting list is active again.

  • Disable waiting list by clicking "Waiting list is empty. Reopen for registration here".

  • Then untick the box on the page, where you edit the event. Click "Save changes" afterwards.

Waiting list FAQ

Q: Can I enable waiting list for an event, where people already have registered?
Yes, you can enable waiting list even though registration has started.

Q: How does it work and why is the waiting list active if the event isn't fully booked?
The waiting list activated when the last ticket is reserved. Tickets are reserved when clicking "Start registration".

If someone doesn't complete their registration, the waiting list is still active. This explain why the waiting list can be active even though there are available tickets.

Should this be the case, you can empty the waiting list and reopen registration. See the guide above.

Q: Do attendees paid the registration fee when joining the waiting list?
No, they register normally but only have to paid if they accept the offer of attending.

Q: Are people automatically moved from the waiting list in case of cancellations?
No, you have to do this manually.

You can do this at events without registration fees. Otherwise you send an e-mail where the attendee can accept and paid or decline.

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