Design an A4 overview of your events

It is easy and quick to create an overview of your upcoming events in EasySignup. 

You can make an event overview in a PDF to give to your attendees or potential customers. E.g. you can print a large stack and place it in a good place for your potential attendees to take home and hang on the fridge or the noticeboard. You can also send the event overview to your members or business partners, or you can hang the overview, where you want. The idea is to inspire and attract potential atteendees.

You can choose between 2 different versions:

1: A simple event overview with display of title, time and place:

2: A detailed event overview that also shows a short event description and other details.

  • To create the event overview click "Events - > List events"


  • Mark the events you would like to include in the event overview.

  • Note: If you check "Title", all the events in the list of current events will automatically be marked, so you don´t have to mark the events one at a time.


  • In the drop-down under your current events, select "Design a printer friendly A4 overview for selected events".

  • You will then see a page, where you can choose a "Simple event overview" (1) or a "Detailed event overview" (2).

  • The simple event overview shows the time, place and title of the event, while the detailed event overview shows more details about the event, including a short event description and a QR code that links to the registration page for the event.

You have different options in the design of your event overview. You can:

  • write a headline on the event overview (1)
  • add a description on the front page of the event overview (2)
  • choose if you want to show the account's logo (3). If you choose "No", you will be given the option to upload an alternative logo.
  • choose if you want 2 columns (4)
  • show file generation time in footer (5)
  • show page numbers in footer (6)
  • add picture to bottom left corner (7). This could for example be used for a logo for several partners organizing specific events together.

    Note: If you choose the detailed event overview, you get even more options. Among other things you can display an image or a calender icon next to each event, and you can display QR codes. 

  • You can also see a preview of the overview by clicking "Refresh" (8). When the overview is the way you want it click "Download PDF" (9).


You can see an example of a simple event overview here and an example of a detailed event overview here.

Now you are ready to print, send and/or hang the event overview where you like.

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