Approve the Terms of Use and Data Processing Agreement in EasySignup

In order to receive registrations through EasySignup you must approve EasySignup's  Terms of Use and Data Processing Agreement.

You can view and download a general version of the Terms of Use here and of the Data Processing Agreement here .

From within the administration of the account, an administrator can start the approval of the agreements, by sending the agreements to the person, who must sign them. Once the agreements has been send, the person, who must sign the agreements, will receive an e-mail with a link where the agreements can be viewed and signed via MitID. 

  • Go to "Account" ->"Contact persons and agreements".

  • Click "Approve agreements".
  • Go through the different steps by clicking "Next". On the different steps you can see and change some of the accounts settings, the contact persons for the account and the agreement signer. 
  • Pay especial attention to the step "Add Agreement Signer". The person you specify here, is the person who must sign via MitID. Note: The agreements are verified via MitID, so the name of the signer must match the name of the signer´s MitID signature. 
  • On the last step you send the agreements to the agreement signer(s) by clicking "Send agreements to signers".
  • The signer(s) will now receive an e-mail with a link that will lead to a page, where the agreements can be viewed and signed via MitID.
  • Note: Signers must sign 2 agreements: Terms of Use and Data Processing Agreement.

  • Note: If the signer cannot sign the agreements because the name does not match the person´s name on the MitID signature, you solve this by sending the agreements to be signed again, editing the signer´s name to match the MitID. Then the signer will receive a new mail with a new link, where the name has been name updated. 

  • Once the agreements have been signed, the agreements will be marked with a green check mark. 

    In the same place an administrator will always be able to see and download the current agreements (1 and 2) as well as see who has approved the agreements (3 and 4). The administrator can also download documentation for the approved agreements (5) and se any previously approved agreements (6). There is also a list of sub-processors, but the list is empty, as EasySignup does not use sub-processors.



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