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Public Sector

"I’m now confident that no signups are missed or disappear"

- Lone Schlüter, Seminar manager / administrative officer, Statistics Denmark

Statistics Denmark can tell you about evolution in childbirth numbers, how many groceries Danes buy, and how many people share your name. They also host seminars, courses and conferences - and when they do, they use EasySignup, which saves them a lot of time.

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Public Sector

"EasySignup made it much easier to get an overview"

- Anitta Olesen, Staff Member of the Secretariat of VÆKST Jammerbugt, VÆKST Jammerbugt, Jammerbugt Municipality

VÆKST Jammerbugt regularly hosts a wide range of meetings and events for citizens, business owners, politicians and others. EasySignup has made the registration of their attendees easier, faster and more professional.

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Public Sector

"I think the service level is high. It's easy to get in touch, which is a great advantage. Occasionally I ask about improvements for an event that I just created. I always receive great advice and suggestions."

- Pernille Urth, Communications and Event Consultant, Business House North

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