We use EasySignup for all our events

A great number of tasks are part of planning and hosting events. Pernille Urth, who is communications and event consultant at Business House North, knows this very well. She's responsible for planning and hosting events at the business bureau, and EasySignup adds a lot of value in her busy workday.

- Managing signups is only part of my job. My work also includes communications tasks and management such as keeping track of speakers at the events. So it's very important that the signup process simply works, so that I can stop worrying about it and spend my time doing more important things.

Business House North hosts around 20 events a year – ranging from small after-work meetings to conferences with workshops, accommodation and dining options with several hundred guests. When Pernille became responsible for managing events, she needed a system that could handle the manual and time-consuming tasks on its own. She looked into the available options, and EasySignup was the best match based on an evaluation of features and cost.

EasySignup offers a whole range of advantages

Pernille benefits greatly from EasySignup since she now has a complete overview of not only current events and their signups, but also past events. She saves considerable time and estimates that an after-work meeting takes about 15 minutes to create and complete in EasySignup.

- It's a great advantage that we can quickly and easily contact all guests – both during and after an event. It's easy for me to share the event's status and guest list in real-time, so I don't have to spend my time keeping my colleagues, boss or partners up-to-date. I save time, which benefits my employer since I can spend that time doing other tasks.

EasySignup also contributes to a professional way of handling guests - such as business owners who may not be member of Business House North yet.

- EasySignup ensures that we make a professional impression on our guests. Our members and other guests receive an identical confirmation each and every time from a professional system - not just an email reply from me. The system also eliminates the risk of making errors, missing a signup or overbooking.

EasySignup is for everyone - big or small

Pernille is happy to recommend EasySignup to others and points out the high level of service as a major advantage.

"I recommend EasySignup to everyone hosting events - big or small. It's affordable, it's user-friendly and even at small events, we benefit from EasySignup. It's very versatile and adds value to small sports clubs and corporate businesses - and everyone in-between."

I think the level of service is good. It's easy to get through - both by e-mail and phone - and I talk to the same people every time. That's a big advantage.


"I think the service level is high. It's easy to get in touch, which is a great advantage. Occasionally I ask about improvements for an event that I just created. I always receive great advice and suggestions."

- Pernille Urth, Communications and Event Consultant, Business House North

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