A professional impression means everything

VÆKST Jammerbugt, a key player when it comes to strengthening commercial development in the municipality of Jammerbugt, Denmark, continually hosts a series of meetings and events for citizens, business owners, politicians and others. Earlier, the administration of signups was done in a spreadsheet, and invitations were sent out by email in Outlook. This approach, however, meant that keeping attendee lists and events up-to-date was time-consuming and a bit of a hassle:

- When we sent out an invitation for an event, it meant that we were in contact with every single attendee multiple times. In addition to sending the invite, we also had to confirm that the signup was received and send a message whenever changes to the program were made, Anitta Olesen, staff member at the main office at VÆKST Jammerbugt explains.


"EasySignup just works and helps give our attendees a professional impression, which is crucial to us as a municipality."

Help throughout the event

Over time it became too much of a handful, so in order to save time on administration and manage events in a more professional manner, VÆKST Jammerbugt chose to start using EasySignup. The signup system was a big help, especially when VÆKST Jammerbugt hosted the event Development Forum, an event for politicians and business owners, where growth and development strategies for the municipality was on the agenda. The event attracted close to 200 attendees, who all had to pick one of five different workshops:

- When we hosted the Development Forum, we used EasySignup to manage the attendee lists for the five different workshops. This made it much easier to get an overview, and the lists didn't have errors like we'd experienced when keeping track of it all in a spreadsheet. EasySignup just works and helps give our attendees a professional impression, which is crucial to us as a municipality.

High standard of support

Managing signups has become easier and more efficient for the staff at VÆKST Jammerbugt. And they're pleased to use a user-friendly system that doesn't require high tech skills:

- We save huge amounts of time on administration. When we've set up the event and sent out the invitations, that's all we need to worry about - EasySignup takes care of the rest, Anitta Olesen explains and adds:

- We've experienced an exceptional level of support from EasySignup, and we always get an answer within a day. I thoroughly recommend EasySignup to other businesses or organizations looking to save some time on administration.


"I think the service level is high. It's easy to get in touch, which is a great advantage. Occasionally I ask about improvements for an event that I just created. I always receive great advice and suggestions."

- Pernille Urth, Communications and Event Consultant, Business House North

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"After just a few clicks, you've completed your signup, and it's difficult to make mistakes since the system's user-friendly and easy to comprehend"

- Helle Boyding, Marketing Assistent, Beierholm

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