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Weber-Stephen Nordic

Now we can set up events in no time

Several times a year, grill legend Weber-Stephen Nordic tours Scandinavia to let dealers and customers experience Weber's products in action. Weber-Stephen Nordic also hosts a series of open grill courses where Danes learn to grill all kinds of food to perfection. The many events used to equal lots of manual administration, especially since all signups and guest information management were done manually:

- Guests signed up by sending an email or calling us, at which point we typed the signup information into a spreadsheet in Excel and then wrote an email to confirm their signup. This meant that every time we were contacted by a potential guest, we had to go to Excel, load the spreadsheet and see how many seats were already booked on the course. It was a time-consuming process - and occasionally errors were made when registering signup information, Camilla Rasmussen Buch, administrative coordinator at Weber Grill Academy, explains.

To save time and eliminate errors in signup information, Weber-Stephen Nordic contacted EasySignup.

With EasySignup we have a more professional way of handling signups, which helps eliminate errors and sends a better signal to all our guests and customers.

Signing up the easy way

Weber's signup process today is much easier and straightforward. A customer now signs up directly through EasySignup and is registered as a guest right away. Weber Grill Academy uses the system for its many grill courses, where teams of 35 guests learn how to cook using different kinds of Weber grills. With EasySignup, events are created in no time and the guests sign up easily:

- The system's very simple to set up. Earlier, we created events throughout the year - now we create all events once a year. And it's easy! The system has a 4-step guide, which we go through for each new event - that way we're sure to remember everything.

Better customer service

The staff members at Weber-Stephen Nordic are pleased with the signup system that's helped improve the level of service:

- With EasySignup we have a more professional way of handling signups, which helps reduce errors and sends a better signal to our guests. And we can now easily contact our guests and email them follow-up information based on data generated by the system, Camilla Rasmussen Buch ends the interview.

Camilla Rasmussen Buch

Grill Academy Coordinator Operations EMEA

Weber-Stephen Nordic

Weber-Stephen Nordic is one of the world's largest manufacturers of grills and grill accessories - and it's Denmark's most popular brand when it comes to grilling. Weber has established Weber Grill Academy - Weber's own place for grill training and events for grill enthusiasts at all skill levels.

Weber-Stephen Nordic
Bøgildsmindevej 23
DK-9400 Nørresundby
T: +45 99 36 30 10

Grill Academy Aalborg
Bøgildsmindevej 23
DK-9400 Nørresundby
T: +45 99 36 30 10

Grill Academy Copenhagen
Dampfærgevej 10 [Pakhus 12]
DK-2100 København
T: +45 99 36 30 60

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