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Vingsted Hotel and Conference Center

EasySignup is an essential tool for us in the hotel and event industry

When a customer is going to host an event at Vingsted, the dialogue starts out on accommodation, dining and other services requested by the customer. In addition to this, customers are offered the use of EasySignup to help plan and manage guests signing up for the event - a task that's often underestimated.

Line Lykkehus is one of three conference coordinators at Vingsted who all use EasySignup. She's responsible for the daily contact to customers who wish to host an event at Vingsted. EasySignup is a great tool for her and Vingsted's customers.

- It's valuable for us to be able to offer a user-friendly signup system to our clients. You can't do without it in our line of business, and some customers do take things like that into consideration, making it a must-have. Through EasySignup we can manage all events efficiently down to the last detail - ensuring a successful event for us, our customers and their guests.

EasySignup offers advantages over its competitors

Vingsted previously used a competing signup system, but in 2013 they made the switch to EasySignup for several reasons. According to Line, the main reason was that EasySignup offers virtually the same product, but in a more user-friendly package at a considerably lower price.

- Our old system and EasySignup can do the same things. But EasySignup is easier and quicker when we need to create a new event. The considerable difference in price made the switch to EasySignup very attractive. The user experience ensures that we're all capable of using it and can help each other out.

Since switching, Line has experienced how EasySignup has given her and Vingsted a series of benefits.

- It's easy for us to print attendee lists, which is a crucial feature for us. It's also a must to put a limit on things like workshops and accommodation options – and it just works. There's virtually no risk of error, and we maintain the history of previous events and guests.

EasySignup delivers a level of service beyond what we expected

Line's all smiles when it comes to EasySignup's support and customer service. She's experienced fast support, availability and flexibility when it comes to Vingsted's requests.

- Providing great service and availability means everything to us, since we often have a customer waiting for an answer. So we're thrilled that EasySignup gives us an answer right away. They are very solution-oriented and helpful.

She's also experienced how EasySignup's support sometimes reaches out to their customers with advice.

- One of their staff members had spotted a potential problem with an event and contacted us immediately - that was both terrific and unexpected. We wouldn't have noticed it until the event was over.

In closing, Line recommends EasySignup to those who wish to save time on tasks like sending out invitations, accepting signups, managing waiting lists and cancellations, printing name tags, coordinating and planning activities, accommodation, transportation, etc.

- Generally, I'd say that everyone in the hotel and conference industry will benefit from using EasySignup. And considering the inexpensive price, I'd say that it's relevant to consider for everyone hosting events, such as municipalities, local authorities and organizations of a certain size.

Line Lykkehus

Conference Coordinator

Vingsted Hotel and Conference Center

Vingsted is a 4-star hotel and conference center centrally located in the beautiful Danish river valley Vejle Ådal.

Our many facilities make Vingsted the perfect setting for any event regardless of the number of guests.

We offer an all-inclusive solution, which takes the load of planning completely off your shoulders. Alternatively, we can do the planning in close co-operation with you.

VINGSTED Hotel og Konferencecenter
Vingsted Skovvej 2
DK-7182 Bredsten
T: +45 75 86 55 33

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