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Ronald McDonald House Charities

Simple and easy - the way it should be!

Ronald McDonald House Charities supports projects for the benefit of seriously ill children and is behind the existing Ronald McDonald House in Copenhagen and a new one soon to be opened in Odense. Every year the charity hosts the Ronald McDonald House Charity Golf Cup to raise money for operating the Ronald McDonald House in Copenhagen. Earlier, the administration of signups was managed in a spreadsheet in Excel using manual processes, which took considerable time:

- Guests signed up by sending an email or calling us, at which point we typed the information into a spreadsheet in Excel. This resulted in a lot of time wasted on unnecessary email correspondence back and forth, Lene Høffner, event manager and fundraiser in Ronald McDonald House Charities, explains.

There had to be an easier way to handle signup information, and when she learned about EasySignup she was ready to try it out.

The system was easy for our guests to use, and our staff saved a considerable amount of hours otherwise spent on administration.

Several signup options

The system was first used for the annual charity golf cup where Danish golf stars participate and offer both a show and training to the guests. In addition, the guests could sign up either as part of a team, as individuals or as reserve buggies - all of which was registered immediately when they signed up:

- With the number of different signup options, EasySignup made it simple to manage the signup information. And it was easy to use for our staff while they saved several hours on administration.

Help is always available

Lene Høffner is happy with her new signup system, which now runs automatically:

- The system is simple and easy to work with, and the support has been a positive experience as well. The support chat feature is pretty clever and works well. If I have any questions, help is right there.

Lene Høffner

Organizer and Fundraiser

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Ronald McDonald House Charities Denmark was founded in 1991 by McDonald's Danmark. The charity's primary purpose is to establish and operate Danish Ronald McDonald Charity Houses, but also to support research and activities to the benefit of seriously ill children.

Since opening its first Ronald McDonald House in 2002, the charity has raised funds for more than 1300 families, and in 2013 the charity golf cup and its 65 guests and 15 teams raised around DKK 225,000 for the charity.

Ronald McDonald BørneFond
Juliane Maries Vej 12
DK-2100 København Ø

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