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- The signals you send out to clients and partners matter more than you think. That was one of the reasons we were looking for a new signup system for our events, Karsten Engedal, head of marketing at Beierholm, one of Denmark's largest consultancy and accountancy firms, explains.

Beierholm hosts a growing number of professional and social events each year for both clients, partners and employees. Usually, invitations were sent out via mail, and the guests would have to respond either by filling out a paper slip, sending an email or through intranet etc.

- There's a certain sense of intimacy connected to manually handling invitations and signups, which we like at Beierholm. However, we also faced a rapid growth in the number and scale of our activities that meant that we needed a more efficient system, Karsten Engedal says.

EasySignup is technology at eye level.

Uncomplicated for all involved

Beierholm is an innovative and modern consultancy and accountancy firm that aims to provide clients with a professional and competent overall experience. When the event team was introduced to EasySignup, they were enthusiastic about the simplicity of the system.

- EasySignup has a very professional appearance, but at the same time it's technology at eye level - both to us who administrate the events and to the guests signing up. After just a few clicks, you've completed your signup, and it's difficult to make mistakes since the system's user-friendly and easy to comprehend, marketing assistant Helle Boyding adds.

Support is always near

It's one thing that guests experience a smooth signup process - something else entirely is the fact that the employees who organize the events also have a positive experience. Ongoing support is one of the things contributing to this:

- One of the main advantages of EasySignup is their excellent support. Not only did we get a thorough hands-on introduction, but the support team is always ready with tips and guidance if we need it. EasySignup's support is absolutely top class, Helle Boyding says.

Risk of errors kept at a minimum

After Beierholm made the switch to EasySignup, the firm has saved both time and manpower, and Karsten Engedal emphasizes that the risk of simple errors is much smaller when using a digital system than when managing the entire process manually. Next upcoming event on Beierholm's event calendar is an internal event for the company's 650 employees, and Karsten Engedal is already convinced that the signup process will run smoothly and without errors.

Karsten Engedal

Marketing Director


Beierholm doesn't just apply professional expertise and the right tools to the task: We also put a great deal of personal commitment into our partnerships. We give our clients solutions that make a difference.

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DK-9200 Aalborg SV
T: +45 98 18 72 00

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