The entire year's worth of events is set up in a single afternoon

It's no secret that the hours in a one-woman business are valuable and that administration can be a time waster. Stress coach and Theta healer Anja Prinds was annoyed to spend upwards of 12 hours administrating a single event in her consultancy business, I Make You Wize. Especially the process of managing the signup information, which was one of the most time-consuming tasks, frustrated her. Before, when Anja Prinds wanted to register a guest, she'd receive an email or a call, enter the information into her computer, create a temporary list, call guests to confirm, and send out an email confirmation. Time flies.

- It was upsetting - my time is sparse, and I'd much rather spend it coaching and treating my guests. For that reason I began optimizing as many processes as possible within my company, and signup and registration was a great place to start, Anja Prinds says.

It actually takes me less time to set up and prepare 12 events than it took me to manage one single event before.

Efficient administration

The search began for a software service that could handle the process of organzing courses, workshops and presentations with as much automation as possible. EasySignup was chosen, and suddenly her workday looked drastically different:

- The countless hours in front of the computer are a thing of the past. Now I create and set up all my events for the next year in just four hours. It actually takes me less time to set up and prepare 12 events than it took me to manage one single event before. It's really clever. It just works, Anja Prinds explains.

No user manual necessary

She especially appreciates the fact that EasySignup is intuitive and that she doesn't need a user manual. It's easy to manage and offers a great overview of all her activities.

- The most important thing for me is that I save time while maintaining an overview of all my activities. EasySignup doesn't require a large investment, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to other small businesses where administration of events and courses often comes with a heavy burden in the form of manual work.

New projects emerge

Anja Prinds now has time to pick up on projects that used to be put on standby. She's started to write and make recordings of case stories from I Make You Wize, her web shop has been expanded and the website has been updated with new products.

- It's a pleasure to have more time for all the fun stuff, which benefits both me and my guests. In the end, my guests are what matter most and need to be cared for - not my computer. The computer is now left to take care of itself most of the time.

Event registration? Easy peasy if you ask