EasySignup gives me peace of mind

Lone Schlüter is seminar manager at DST Consulting, part of Statistics Denmark, that produces tailor-made statistical reports paid for by companies or associations needing certain data combinations.

They also host outside seminars and courses as well as Danish and international conferences, and at every event, EasySignup plays a key role. Lone's responsible for developing and managing these events, where people learn to use and process numbers from Statistics Denmark. She's very pleased with EasySignup, as the system makes her job easier.

- I feel safe using EasySignup. It's very intuitive and easy to use.

Primitive manual administration is a thing of the past

Signing up to events used to be manual and time-consuming. DST Consulting was able to receive signups from their website, but Lone had to handle them manually afterwards, keep track of how many seats were taken, shut down the signup form and keep track of attendee lists and waiting lists. A procedure that involved the risk of missing a signup, as Lone explains:

- It was very primitive with manual updates in Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. The form we had on our website couldn't do all the things we can do with EasySignup.

Peace of mind and time for other tasks

EasySignup has enabled Lone to eliminate many of these manual tasks. She no longer has to track whether a seminar is fully booked. She uses EasySignup on a daily basis, and it's become a tool that makes her work managing events easier.

- I feel that our signup process has become more flexible and efficient with EasySignup. There are many things that I no longer have to worry about. I appreciate that.

For Lone, the biggest change is the peace of mind that EasySignup gives her.

- I'm now confident that no signups are missed or disappear. I no longer risk missing a signup via email because I'm interrupted by a phone call. Now all our guests are registered in EasySignup.

This means that all information about guests and their choices is gathered in one place. An advantage that Lone experiences as a big change in her daily job.

- The biggest advantage when using EasySignup is that the guests are registered correctly. I'm yet to experience an error. This gives me a peace of mind that I didn't have when I kept track of everything in my emails and spreadsheets.

Another advantage is the time and resources that Lone can now spend on other more important tasks because she no longer has to spend it on manual administration. Things like preparing the actual seminars and courses, as she explains:

- I'm certain that we save a lot of time using EasySignup. I have more time for other tasks now. We used to generate all attendee lists and name tags. Now we simply print them from EasySignup.

DST Consulting often offers the same courses and seminars several times. It saves Lone a lot of time that she can just duplicate already-existing courses. She doesn't have to start from scratch every time.

Our dialogue with EasySignup is great

Lone's pleased with the high level of service that she experiences from EasySignup. She finds that they're quick to help and that ideas and suggestions are met with an open mind.

- My communication with EasySignup is great. They're open to my suggestions and care about me. This isn't a support where you start from scratch every time you contact them. I'm met by a personal relation, which makes me happy.

Lone recommends EasySignup to others who administrate courses, seminars and other types of events. She's created a network for seminar managers where she recommends EasySignup to others.

- Some use other systems and are pleased with them. At Statistics Denmark we consider EasySignup to match our needs at a sensible price. It's not a system that costs a fortune.


"EasySignup made it much easier to get an overview, and the lists didn't have errors like we'd experienced when keeping track of it all in a spreadsheet."

- Anitta Olesen, Staff Member of the Secretariat of VÆKST Jammerbugt, VÆKST Jammerbugt, Jammerbugt Municipality

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"After just a few clicks, you've completed your signup, and it's difficult to make mistakes since the system's user-friendly and easy to comprehend"

- Helle Boyding, Marketing Assistent, Beierholm

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