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CEKTOS, one of Denmark's oldest psychological clinics, treats people with psychological illnesses through individual or group therapy. CEKTOS also offers courses and education for health and social workers as well as other open events.

Previously, a large amount of manual work was necessary in order to sign up for CEKTOS' courses and therapy treatments - both for CEKTOS and for the participants, Lasse Mandal, head of communications at CEKTOS, explains.

- Our guests had to go to our web page, download a Word document containing a signup form, fill it out, print and sign it before scanning and emailing it or sending it by mail. It was actually pretty complicated and required the participants to be fairly computer-savvy.

Once CEKTOS had received the completed form, they manually entered the information into their systems. Many time-consuming and inconvenient steps that left the participants with plenty of opportunity to abandon ship during the process.

Now it's so much easier, Lasse says.

- It's been a great relief for us to have a system to handle the signups.

Saving 75% of the time spent handling signups

Lasse had been looking for a way to simplify the signup process for a long time, but his impression was that CEKTOS would have to start from scratch, which would have been very expensive.

Another course provider recommended EasySignup to them, and after one meeting it was clear that the system offered most of what CEKTOS needed. And it wasn't expensive compared to the resources they already used on managing signups. It was a quick decision.

- My guess is that we save 75% on managing signups and participants compared to before - maybe even more.

Signing up is now easy and simple without any hassle. That goes for both CEKTOS and their participants, who may be suffering from depression or other issues that make an easy and user-friendly signup process especially valuable.

- After a few months, we'd been through our entire range of courses and events using the system. This has made it much faster and easier to create new courses, because we can simply copy past events. We choose a date, and the new event is ready. It's very easy and has eliminated a whole series of tasks from my workday.

- We have more participants on our courses after switching to EasySignup. It's definitely had an impact that we've made signing up easier than it used to be.

CEKTOS saves time and money

The entire organization at CEKTOS has benefitted from EasySignup.

Another time-saving benefit from using EasySignup is that keeping other staff members up-to-date is much faster and easier, Lasse explains:

- Our company has several different locations, and not all staff members visit them all. We used to manually keep lists of participants updated and had to make sure that everyone referred to the right version. That was tremendously time-consuming. Now, people simply visit a special link or log in to EasySignup to see how many participants each course has.

According to Lasse, EasySignup is also a good business deal, since the system frees up more man hours than what it costs to use it.

- If you convert the price of EasySignup into the cost of man hours freed up by the system, there's no doubt that it yields us a profit.

Lasse is happy to recommend EasySignup to others who host events or courses.

- I'm convinced that anyone with a certain volume of events will benefit from using EasySignup. You'll eliminate lots of administrative hassle. We decided to use EasySignup and are super happy with it!

Lasse Mandal

Head of communications


CEKTOS - Center for Cognitive and meta-cognitive therapy, is Denmark's leading psychological clinic when it comes to cognitive and meta-cognitive therapy for mental disorders.

We have Denmark's best educated meta-cognitive psychologists, and in cooperation with Danish and international universities we conduct research within treatment methods and meta-cognitive therapy methods for depression and other mental disorders.

We have clinics in Copenhagen and offer therapy nationally as well as abroad via Skype video calls.

Riddergade 7, 1.
DK-4700 Næstved
T: +45 5573 4849

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