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The ABA Association

EasySignup is quick and easy, and signups never disappear

The ABA Association uses EasySignup for their two annual events, where members of the association for Parents with Autistic Children get together. The association has around 250 members and hosts one-day conferences, seminars and the national congress, all of which works out great in combination with EasySignup, Anne Lindholt explains. She's a committee member and responsible for the use of EasySignup.

EasySignup is a huge benefit to both our association and our members

It's a big help that our members can sign up right away. They don't have to send an email or call us.

The association also takes advantage of creating additional services in EasySignup. A good example is when a guest has to choose among three presentations at the national congress. This is a great advantage for the association when they plan the locations of the presentations, since the association now knows how many people wish to attend each one well in advance.

EasySignup makes it easier to manage signups for dining and accommodation, as well as collecting information about guests' dietary concerns. The guest simply selects and enters all information when signing up, eliminating the need for the staff to do anything.

- These are all things that I would've needed to email a lot of people about, Anne notes. She adds:

- 90% of our signups are never actually handled by me - our guests simply sign up themselves.

EasySignup saves Anne and the ABA Association a lot of time. Time that these volunteers can spend on generating value for the association instead. Without EasySignup, time would have been spent on administration that nobody would benefit from, Anne explains:

It generates very little value to manually input this information into a spreadsheet in Excel. We used to do that, but EasySignup has changed this. The system handles signups and email confirmations automatically. Things I used to do manually.

Guests used to compose an email to notify the association that they wanted to participate. The association then replied with a form for each person to fill out. When we received the forms back, we'd print them and enter everything into a spreadsheet manually.

Anne admits that this drove her crazy. Instead, she found an alternative in EasySignup and hasn't regretted the decision:

- EasySignup is the road ahead - It's much more professional. Our members love it. They were close to ”celebrating”, when we got rid of the old system where we manually had to handle each signup.

EasySignup has impressive customer service

Anne's very impressed and satisfied with the customer service EasySignup delivers to the association.

- I'm over the moon. They get back to you within 24 hours - and often the very same day - and we aren't even paying for the system.

She experiences a lot of helpfulness when it comes to solving any issues, and Anne is happy to recommend EasySignup to others:

- Anything from a parents' committee to corporate businesses will benefit from what EasySignup can do.

Anne Lindholt

Committee Member

The ABA Association

The purpose of the ABA Association is to promote public offers concerning early and intensive pedagogical efforts for children with autism in Denmark.

The ABA Association hosts seminars for parents to newly diagnosed children and acts as representatives when parents meet public authorities. Every year members gather at a national congress with both social and professional activities. The association is also head of several local associations that all host events and offer support on a local level.

The association are open for parents, relatives, professionals and others with interests inside the field.

Næstvedgade 18 2 th
DK-København Ø
T: +45 40 53 47 99

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