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EasySignup eases the registration of participants for events

Do you organize conferences, courses, meetings or other types of events? And is it your job to administrate the registration of participants?

If so, you probably know all the concerns and frustrations related to event management. Maybe you are having trouble keeping track of attendee information in your spreadsheet. Maybe it takes 3-5 mails before you have all the information about one single attendee. Or worst of all, mails with signups disappear.

EasySignup eliminates some of these concerns and frustrations. Our signup system makes managing events easy for you and ensures a user-friendly signup process for your attendees.

With EasySignup you avoid:

Updating your lists of attendees manually when you receive new registrations (or deregistrations).

Writing and sending out registration confirmations to each participant.

Jumping back and forth between your mailbox and spreadsheet to send reminders to the invited participants, who haven't yet replied.

Receiving and answering countless emails from participants, who want more information about the event or wish to make changes in their signup.

Particularly, EasySignup is an IT-system which helps you handle many of the tasks related to registration and event management.

For instance, the signup system allows you to easily:

  • Create events and offer participants to opt-in on special choices such as dining.
  • Send out invitations to your list of potential participants and get an overview of who have signed up
  • Send out reminders to those who haven't yet responded to your invitation
  • Choose what information you need your participants to specify when signing up
  • Plan and send out messages to all or chosen participants at once - both before and after the date of your event

Do you want great and personal service?

EasySignup is more than just another IT-system in line. Making your everyday work with events easier is our most important task.

Therefore, we are always ready to guide you in the right direction and help you create successful events - big as small.


Event registration? Easy peasy if you ask