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Easy registration for your online events

EasySignup is the safe choice when your attendees participate from home.
Registration for webinars, business meetings and everything in between runs smoothly with our user-friendly functions, developed to make your work with events easier - digital as well as physical.

More time for great content

Moving your physical meeting to a screen may seem like a challenge. But with help to register attendees, you are far already.
EasySignup solves many of your administrative tasks, leaving you more time to e.g. preparation of exciting meeting content.

Advantages of using EasySignup for your webinars

Data Security

EasySignup makes it easier for you to comply with GDPR. All personal data is stored in Denmark and we don't have any sub-processors.


Send out messages to all your participants (or chosen participants) with just a few clicks - for instance a link to your webinar.

Remind invited attendees

You can easily send out invitations as well as reminders to those, who haven't yet replied - directly from the system.

Confirmation emails

Attendees automatically receive an event confirmation by mail when they've registered for your event.


Communicate with your participants - both before and after your event

Not only can you invite participants through the IT-system - you can also communicate with them after they've signed up for your event. For instance, you may want to share a recording of your webinar, share presentations and slides or send out an evaluation scheme. With EasySignup, this is only a few clicks away.

Automatic deletion of attendees'
personal data

By default, personal data about your participants is deleted in the system two years after your event is over. You can, however, specify a time of deletion for each piece of information you collect or for each of your events. This makes it easier for you to ensure, you are not storing data unnecessarily and to comply with GDPR.


Event registration? Easy peasy if you ask