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TERMS OF USE - subscription to

1.0. Background information and purpose

1.1. is owned and operated by the Danish limited liability company ApS, Strømmen 6, 9400 Nørresundby, Denmark, VAT no. DK27673120.

1.2. offers businesses (in the following referred to as "Subscriber") to subscribe to an online signup and registration system that can be used for events that require the Subscriber's guests (in the following referred to as "Attendee") to sign up, register and possibly pay a fee before attending an event. The system is delivered in the form of an online self-service system. provides a set of terms of registration (in the following referred to as "Terms of Registration") that will automatically be generated in the system based on the information provided by the Subscriber when creating or editing an event. The Terms of Registration govern the relationship between Subscriber and Attendee.

1.3. This set of Terms of Use (in the following referred to as "Terms") applies to all Subscribers who use and subscribe to's services.

1.4. When creating any new subscription with a data processing agreement (in the following referred to as "DPA") will be entered to set up the rights and obligations in effect when the data processor processes personal information on behalf of the data controller in the self-service system. The DPA and the Terms shall be interdependent and cannot be terminated separately. The DPA may however - without termination of the Terms - be replaced by an alternative valid DPA in return for additional payment. The Terms present are referred to as the "Main Agreement" in the DPA.

1.5. The personal data about the Subscriber and their users (given access to the administration by the Subscriber) in the self services system, meaning your personal data, is used for the purpose of for us to deliver the self services system to you. is therefore data controller for your, as a user of the self services system, personal data.'s processing of your personal data is regulated in the "Cookie- and privacy policy" at the address's own processing of your personal data is not regulated by the DPA.

1.6. When creating a new subscription of any kind with, the terms must be read and approved by checking the dedicated checkbox during the signup process.

2.0. Creating a subscription

2.1. Creation of any subscription to is carried out on the website, where any required relevant information including name etc. is provided by the Subscriber.

2.2. The subscription's type, time period and additional options are chosen by selecting the desired plan of subscription. An general overview of the available subscription plans is available at

2.3. The subscription automatically recurs for the same type and period of time as originally chosen. Cancellation of the subscription must be received in writing no later than 14 days before expiration of the subscription. The cancellation must be received through the ticket system within the administration interface, by email to or by letter to ApS, Strømmen 6, 9400 Nørresundby, Denmark arriving no later than 14 days before the subscription's last day.

2.4. Subscriber is subsequently able to modify the chosen subscription type and period. This is done by contacting within the time limit specified in item 2.3. Changes have immediate effect unless the changes result in additional cost to the Subscriber in which case changes have effect once full payment has been received.

2.5. reserves the right to, without compensation or indemnification to the Subscriber, refuse a Subscriber to create or uphold a subscription, if deemed by as inappropriate or harmful to's reputation.

3.0. Payment

3.1. All subscription costs on are listed in United States dollar (USD) and is excluding Value Added Tax (VAT) or other sales tax.

3.2. When creating a subscription, the period's subscription cost is paid in full and in advance.

3.3. As long as the subscription has not been canceled, payment for any subsequent subscription period must be received in full, no later than the business day before the current subscription's expiration date.

3.4. If payment has not been received according to item 3.3. Subscriber is reminded to pay within a specified date. If full payment does not occur within the specified date, access to Subscriber's user account(s) is immediately disabled so that the system cannot be used by Subscriber nor Attendee to manage events, payments, sign up etc.

3.5. Subscriber is still liable for any outstanding payment according to item 3.4, for the entire subscription period. The subscription will then automatically be considered as canceled when the subscription period ends.

3.6. Payment must take place immediately when creating an account. Payment can only take place through one of the accepted payment methods offered on the subscription page. Subscriber bears any credit card or payment fee that may occur during the payment process.

3.7. During creation of an account, Subscriber chooses how upcoming subscription periods are to be paid.

3.8. offers through the creation of a free account to Subscribers who exclusively make use of the system in a way that is considered non-commercial and when administration of the self-service system is carried out by unpaid staff. Should at any time deem that the system is used for commercial purposes, may at any time charge the full amount for a subscription according to the terms and conditions for a regular subscription mentioned in item 3.1. as well as retain any outstanding amount from the monies collected in signup fees from Attendees referred to in item 4.5. Exempt from this are Subscribers currently using's offer of trying the self-service system free for one event.

3.9. Any changes in cost that may differ from the existing agreement are to be announced at least 30 days prior to renewal of the existing subscription. The changes will be in effect during the upcoming renewal of the existing subscription. Due to the changes, a subscription may be canceled so that it will no longer renew when the active subscription expires. An annual adjustment of prices with +2% is exempt and will occur without any prior notice.

4.0. Use of the self-service system

4.1. Once a subscription is created and payment for the subscription has been received in full, will create a user account on for the Subscriber. Using this account, the Subscriber can create events and during any time access information about current and previous events.

4.2. Type of events, number of events as well as number of signups that can be created or registered in each subscription period depend on the type of subscription chosen by the Subscriber according to item 2.2.

4.3. The system is a self-service system and can only be used to register an Attendee's signup and/or payment for a created event if the Terms of Registration that are automatically generated when creating or editing an event, have been read and accepted by the Subscriber or one of the Subscriber's additional authorized users.

4.4. In the event that a subscription is canceled or no longer active due to lack of payment, Subscriber's user account(s) will be disabled, and the system can no longer be used by Subscriber or Attendee.

4.5. Monies collected from Attendee are deposited in a bank account owned by No interest is paid on the monies. Three (3) days subsequent to holding an event, Subscriber may request that the monies paid by Attendees in relation to that event are transferred to a specified bank account. A wire transfer is then made to the specified bank account. In specific cases may decide to make an exception and make the monies available for payout before an event is held. reserves the right to retain from the monies any outstanding amounts that may arise in relation with subscription costs or other services purchased from until the amount due has been paid in full.

4.6. In the case that an event is canceled or does not take place, reserves the right to refund monies paid by Attendee directly to Attendee.

  • If the monies have been paid by credit card, the monies will be refunded directly to the bank account related to Attendee's credit card once Subscriber cancels each signup in the self-service system.
  • If the monies have been paid by invoice, Subscriber has to enter Attendee's bank account number when a signup is canceled.

In the case that monies has already been transferred to Subscriber, Subscriber agrees to indemnify for any direct or indirect loss that may result from this incident. Including, but not limited to compensation to Attendee, legal fees or other expenses related to the incident.

4.7. reserves the right to assess each event so that any events which are obviously without content, not actual events or similar can be identified and removed and monies paid by Attendee may be refunded.

4.8. When creating a subscription, Subscriber and all additional users they give access to the administration are automatically added to's recipient lists for two newsletters. Newsletters contain relevant information about use of the self-service system as well as inspiration on how to host better events. Subscriber may at any time choose to opt out of each newsletter recipient list individually by using the link in the bottom of each newsletter.

4.9. According to Danish law about payments § 121, item 3 it is not legal to charge a transaction fee on payments made with European credit cards issued to private individuals. In the self-service system Subscriber is able to choose that an Attendee is charged a transaction fee in cases where it is legal to charge one, such as when an Attendee uses a company credit card or a non-European credit card. If Subscriber chooses to charge Attendee a transaction fee, it is Subscriber's responsibility to comply with the law about payments. Any fines that may be issued to's in relation to Subscriber's illegal fees must subsequently be covered by Subscriber.

4.10. Subscriber is responsible for any email correspondence carried out through the self-service system including, but not limited to invitations, reminders etc. Subscriber is prohibited from using the self-service system to send out emails that are against the Danish law of marketing § 10 or similar legislation.

5.0.'s responsibility

5.1. merely acts as intermediary between Subscriber and Attendee for signups and payment. holds no responsibility for the events created by the Subscriber and is not responsible for carrying out the events or any insufficiencies related to an event.

5.2. Subscriber agrees to be liable to Attendee for any and all circumstances relating to an event.

5.3. In the event that may receive complaints or objections regarding an event, these will be directly forwarded to Subscriber.

5.4. In the event that is made responsible to Attendee for circumstances relating to Subscriber, Subscriber agrees to indemnify for any direct or indirect loss that may result from this incident.

5.5. Each party is responsible for its own actions or omissions according to current legislation with the limitations described in these Terms regulating the relationship between Subscriber and

5.6. Regardless of any withstanding terms in the agreement between and Subscriber,'s responsibility to the Subscriber per calendar year is limited to no more than the amount invoiced Subscriber during the previous calendar year for subscriptions and affiliated services - unless the circumstances are due to deliberate action, gross negligence or covered by's third-party insurance. In the case where Subscriber has not been a subscriber during the previous calendar year, responsibility is assessed based on the amount for expected subscription and affiliated services for the current year.

5.7. Regardless of any withstanding terms in the agreement between and Subscriber, is not responsible for Subscriber's indirect losses including, but not limited to consequential loss, loss of goodwill, loss of savings or income, loss of interest, re-establishment costs, etc.

5.8. Regardless of any withstanding terms in the agreement between and Subscriber, is not responsible to Subscriber for any lack of fulfillment that can be attributed to force majeure (Act of God). Freedom from responsibility endures as long as force majeure lasts. Force majeure is considered circumstances beyond's control and that were not easily foreseeable by when the agreement was signed. Examples of force majeure are unusual natural phenomenons, war, terrorism, fire, flooding, vandalism, and labor disputes.

6.0. Cancellation of subscription

6.1. A subscription may be canceled in accordance with item 2.3. so that has received the cancellation notice no later than 14 days before the subscription is set to expire.

6.2. When a subscription is canceled in accordance with the Terms, it will remain fully functional until the end of the subscription period at which point Subscriber's user account(s) will be disabled and no longer have access to see information about previous, current or future events. Attendee will no longer be able to see or sign up for Subscriber's events.

6.3. If payment does not occur within the date specified in the payment reminder, the subscription is immediately canceled and access to Subscriber's user account(s) is disabled so that the system cannot be used by Subscriber or Attendee to manage events, sign up etc.

7.0. Changes to the Terms of use

7.1. The Terms are subject to changes by at any time including due to legislative or other reasons. Changes will typically affect conditions for payment, subscriptions or use of the self-service system.

7.2. A notification of the updated Terms will be sent to the email address provided by Subscriber at least 30 days prior to the Terms taking effect.

7.3. Based on the changes Subscriber may choose to cancel the current subscription without notice. Cancellation is done in accordance with item 6.2.

8.0. Data from accounts in the self-service system

8.1. Any data entered into the system by Attendee found on an account in the self-service system is solely property of Subscriber. Personal data entered into the system by Subscriber and the users they give access to the administration in the self-service system is property of both Subscriber and process the data according to item 1.5.

8.2. is able to access all information and data within Subscriber's account in the self-service system. The information entered into the system by Subscriber or Attendee will not be sold by

8.3. When a subscription expires, data on Subscriber's account in the self-service system is stored in this way:

Subscriber is not able to access this information after the subscription has expired. The information can not be accessed by Subscriber until the subscription is renewed.

8.4. When a subscription expires, Subscriber can choose that all personal data on the subscription account in the self-service system will be deleted so that neither Subscriber nor will be able to access it at a later time. However according to the Danish Bookkeeping Act information about payments will be stored for the remainder of the relevant financial year and an additional 5 years.

8.5. Cookies are used on's homepage and visitors are logged. The use of cookies and logging depends on which pages you visit. Further information about the use of cookies and logging is regulated in the "cookie- and privacy policy" on the specific homepage.

8.6. All information and data in the system is transferred encrypted. Data is stored unencrypted.

9.0. Jurisdiction and venue

9.1. Commerce and agreements made between Subscriber and is subject to current legislation in the country of Denmark.

9.2. Any dispute that may arise between the parties due to this commerce and agreement is to be treated by the court in the city of Aalborg, Denmark.


By signing this document [Subscriber organization] accept these Terms of Use for a subscription to, valid from [Date of signing].

On behalft of [Subscriber organization]: On behalf of ApS for
Name: [Signers name]
Position: [Signers title]
Date: [Date of signing]
Signature: [Signers signature]
Name: Thomas Kjærgaard
Position: CEO
Date: [Date of signing]
Signature: [Signature of Thomas Kjærgaard]