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Get a signup system capable of handling ALL THE BASICS YOU NEED - before, during and after your events

Our solution is for those who organize events. Companies, membership organizations, the public sector or hotel and conference centers who wish to save time and resources when managing signups for events.

We'll also help you keep track of communication with attendees. We'll offer you peace of mind in the knowledge that you did remember to contact your attendees.

Send invitations or reminders to those who haven't yet decided whether to attend. You can also easily contact those who've already signed up to let them know about important information or simply to remind them to show up. You can also follow up after the event, thanking the attendees for taking part, sending out presentation slides from the event and asking for feedback.

With our solution you'll get all the features that make it easy to create and manage events, such as:

  • send out invitations and reminders through the system

  • online signup including automatic email confirmation to your attendees

  • customize the signup form for each event

  • print out attendee lists and name tags with your own logo

* Accordring to current legislation the organizer must pay the transaction fee for credit card payments. These fees will be retained in the revenue.

With our solution you can >

Terms of use

Choose to purchase a license for EasySignup either on a monthly or a yearly basis. The license is paid in advance.




$3,150/year - thats 25 % savings!

The subscription includes an unlimited number of signups and events. This means a fixed cost no matter how many attendees you have while the license is valid.

Three user accounts for the administration area are included. This makes it possible to appoint different users as responsible for events. Each user's access rights can be defined inside the system.

Support via email and support tickets are included.