Integrate your events at EasySignup on your own website

Iframe embedding Iframe embedding

Make it easy for your visitors to find your events

When you use EasySignup, you get your own website on the EasySignup platform. This is where your events will be located - see an example here. If you or your workplace has your own website, it would make sense to show your events from EasySignup on it.

It is important that your website visitors can easily locate your events and sign up for them. In this context, EasySignup offers an easy and professional solution, that ensures the transition from your own website to your signup page on EasySignup is largely unnoticed.

The solution is called "iframe". It consists of an embedding that allows the list of all your public events from your EasySignup page to be displayed on your own website as well. In practice, this means that the events visible on your EasySignup page will also be part of your own website.

See an example of the iframe solution here:

Your list of events is automatically updated on your own website

One of the great advantages of the iframe solution is that you get a plug and play solution. We send you the code that you need to implement on your website. Thus, it requires a minimum of programming.

Additionally, the list of events on your own website is automatically updated, for instance when you create new events or if you make any changes to an existing event in EasySignup. This means that you only have to make corrections in one place.

The iframe integration costs $400 + sales tax per year.

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