One unified signup solution for the entire organization

Get a comprehensive overview of your events

Are you an organization operating nationwide that has several local branches, and do you organize events? Then EasySignup's group solution can give you several benefits.

The solution allows the headquarter or the secretary, as well as the local branches, to have their own accounts with their own lists of events in EasySignup. The local branches may choose to display their events on both their own lists of events at EasySignup as well as on the secretary's nationwide list of events at EasySignup.

Thus, you get a unified solution that offers a comprehensive overview of all the organization's events.

Group solution Group solution

Several benefits for the entire organization

The group solution offers you great benefits, including an easier way of administrating your events and a unified payment solution. It will also save you and the organization loads of time, as EasySignup manages many of the time-consuming tasks related to the administration of your events.

3 benefits, the group solution gives you:

  • A gathered overview of all the organization's events nationwide - both for you and your participants.
  • The local branches are in control of their own accounts. They have their own login and manage their events themselves.
  • You get one unified signup solution within the organization instead of 10, 15, 20 different solutions. This ensures a professional and recognizable signup process for your participants.

The group solution costs $5000 + sales tax per year in addition to the basic license for EasySignup.

"We have 1 website with our events - not 46 different."

"It is a huge strength for an organization like us, as everyone uses the same system and can help each other"

- Klaus Ibsen Bloch from the Danish Sclerosis Association tells

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