EasySignup is the easy signup system for member organizations that organize events

GDPR? We got it handled

Many companies and organizations violate GDPR when they host events - without even knowing it. EasySignup helps you take proper care of your registants' personal data - and comply with the rules.

When you use EasySignup for attendee registration, your attendees' personal data is stored safely in Denmark and is automatically deleted after a selected period of time so you don't have to worry about it.

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EasySignup in short


We stand by our name. Therefore, we always aim to make your work with events as easy as possible.


EasySignup eliminates manual workflows, e.g. by updating lists of participants and sending confirmation emails to participants.


You can feel completely safe. All personal data is stored in Denmark and we don't have any sub-processors.

Personal support

The users appreciate our personal support. You can always get help - fast and effective.

What does EasySignup have to offer you?

Unlimited Signups

EasySignup might just be the right service for you if you manage signups for conferences, courses, meetings or other types of events, that require signups. Get access to the many time-saving functions in EasySignup.

$350 per month

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25% discount on yearly subscription

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Genuine human support

At EasySignup we believe that support should be great, personal and accessible. Therefore, we are proud that our users are happy with the help we provide them. You are always welcome to contact us.

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Get your own event page

When you create events in EasySignup, you get your own list of events, that gives you and your attendees a complete overview of all your events. You also get a professional registration page for each event - perfect for sharing on social media.

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Send invitations and reminders to your attendees

In EasySignup you can easily send out invitations to all those you want to invite at once. And since the system automatically registers who have accepted or declined your invitation, you can easily send a reminder to those who have not yet responded to your invitation.


Registration for webinars? Easy!

The Corona pandemic has boosted the organizing of online events and webinars. But did you know that many IT-systems often don't comply with the GDPR legislation, if you use it for registering attendees?

EasySignup ensures that you can handle personal data exactly by the book and makes registration of participants easy - also when your events take place online.

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3 ways EasySignup saves you time


Maintaining attendee lists

With EasySignup you finally don't have to keep track of attendee lists in spreadsheets and on yellow post-it notes. The IT-system constantly updates your lists of attendees and gives you the overview you're missing. Who has signed up? Who canceled their registration? Who wants to participate in which workshop? With EasySignup all the information is right at your fingertips.


Communication with attendees

It can be quite a hassle to keep track of the communication with your attendees. Especially if you need to communicate with both invited participants, who haven't yet signed up, and different groups of registered participants. With EasySignup you can send messages by email or text to selected groups of attendees at once - directly through the system.


Sending confirmation emails to your participants

Stop wasting your time emailing event confirmations to participants. With EasySignup your participants automatically receive a confirmation of their signup by mail, when they've registered for your event. By default, this includes the name, time and place of the event, but you are free to include the exact information, you want your participants to receive.

Event registration? Easy peasy if you ask