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ASSOCIATIONS and other organization without paid staff.

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EasySignup supports communities, associations and other non-profit organizations without paid staff with free access to our event management system ? all features included.

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Features designed to make your work day easier


Define whether to collect information from each attendee or only a name and number of tickets

Obtain separate consents to collect and process personal data

Define pre-filled information (such as name, email, company etc.) when invitees sign up through the link in their invitation

Define which information to collect from each attendee when they sign up

Define languages used during signup (English, French, German, etc.)

Allow attendees to edit their signup information

Allow attendees to make additional choices after signing up

Create and use drop-down menus, checkboxes, and date fields for attendees to fill out when registering

Attach a calendar appointment to the confirmation e-mail in order to help attendees remember your event

Choose to include an actual ticket (in PDF format) in the confirmation email sent to attendees (at an additional fee per event)

Set a specific registration opening time

Allow attendees to cancel their signup

Limit the number of tickets that a person can purchase at a time

Create a series of related events for a better overview

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Why do we offer sponsorships?

"For multiple reasons. Most importantly we want to support the local community work and small associations throughout the world. We ourselves are all active in our local sports clubs and communities and have experienced firsthand how EasySignup makes things easier on a daily basis for both presidents, treasurers and individual members when it comes to managing events that require signing up.

That gave us the idea to offer sponsored EasySignup solutions to all the local communities and clubs who may benefit from having a signup system, but who don't work to gain a profit and therefore would usually never be able to afford a system.

EasySignup exists because businesses subscribe to the system. So obviously we hope that the increased exposure will result in more subscribers and users in the long run."

Thomas Kjærgaard

founder and co-owner, EasySignup

Terms of use for "SPONSORSHIP"

You're not committing to anything by obtaining a sponsorship from EasySignup. If EasySignup is not for you, we'll simply close your account.

$0 per year, unlimited number of events and signups

Included is user accounts for 20 administration users. This way each user can get their own unique login.

It isn't possible to purchase special services for a sponsored account.