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ASSOCIATIONS, non-profit organizations and communities

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EasySignup supports the local communities, NGOs and other non-profit organizations. We offer a free EasySignup subscription.

This will let you as event manager focus on the event itself - and all the other tasks that come with being involved and volunteering in a local community or club.

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The biggest advantage when using EasySignup is that the guests are registered correctly. I'm yet to experience an error. This gives me a peace of mind that I didn't have when I kept track of everything in my emails and spreadsheets.Lone Schlüter, Seminar manager / administrative officer at Statistics Denmark

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Why do we offer sponsorships?

"For multiple reasons. Most importantly we want to support the local community work and small associations throughout the world. We ourselves are all active in our local sports clubs and communities and have experienced firsthand how EasySignup makes things easier on a daily basis for both presidents, treasurers and individual members when it comes to managing events that require signing up.

That gave us the idea to offer sponsored EasySignup solutions to all the local communities and clubs who may benefit from having a signup system, but who don't work to gain a profit and therefore would usually never be able to afford a system.

EasySignup exists because businesses subscribe to the system. So obviously we hope that the increased exposure will result in more subscribers and users in the long run."

Thomas Kjærgaard

founder and co-owner, EasySignup
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$0/year, unlimited number of events and signups

Included is user accounts for 20 administration users. This way each user can get their own unique login.

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