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Spar Nord Fritid

EasySignup has met our expectations - and then some!

Events in the club range from going to see a movie to a Christmas party or seats to concerts or other cultural events. They use EasySignup for events planned and hosted in-house as well as for large external events.

Some of the events attract several hundred guests, Claus Mikkelsen informs us. He's part of the management in Spar Nord Bank's staff social club, Spar Nord Fritid. The club has around 1000 members in the northern region of Denmark.

He tells us that they previously used a database for managing the events. Attendees entered their own name, but the database had very limited options, so it required a considerable amount of manual work to gather the necessary information. The club used to spend a lot of time on that.

An easy solution without maintenance

These challenges meant that Claus started to look for other solutions. He needed a system that already worked and one that didn't require them to spend time and resources on updating lists and files.

- After our meeting with EasySignup it was a straightforward decision, since they were able to deliver the complete package. An important part for us was the ability to present our events on a web page. EasySignup does just that. Events are presented in a visually appealing and uniform layout. We can add whatever pictures we want.

Claus explains that management of the club's events is much easier today. It's simple and easy for everyone, and you don't have to go through a long email correspondence to gather information. It's also an advantage that members can sign up whenever they want. They no longer have to sign up while at work.

- It's incredible, really. Once the event is created, all you have to do is keep an eye on how many are going to attend. It's much easier than before. We had a Christmas family event with close to 600 guests, where we needed to know the age of the children and whether they were boys or girls.

It's easier to collect information and create an overview because all information is gathered in one place. It's not located in different spreadsheets spread somewhere across your hard drive. It just bloody works, to put it bluntly.

Another advantage when using EasySignup is the time saved on administration.

- There's definitely an aspect of saving time by using EasySignup. Since this is a staff social club, we usually spend our spare time on these events. It's remarkable how many things are easier to do with EasySignup than with our old system. I think it works really well!

Everybody claims to have great support - with EasySignup it actually holds true

Claus is very pleased with the customer service he experiences from EasySignup. The club has had a number of features developed based on their own requests.

- I think they do a great job. They're very present in their support. If I write them an email, I know I'll definitely get an answer. They're very open to our requests, and help is available if we need it. They've lived up to our expectations - and then some.

Claus doesn't hesitate to recommend EasySignup to others planning and hosting events.

- There's no doubt that you can benefit from using EasySignup when planning events. Regardless of whether you're a secretary, a coordinator, in a business or in the public sector. It's a really good system.

Claus Mikkelsen

Board member

Spar Nord Fritid

Spar Nord Fritid is the staff social club in the bank Spar Nord with over 1,000 members and somewhere between 75 and 150 events a year.

Personaleforeningen Spar Nord Fritid
Skelagervej 15
DK-9000 Aalborg

T: +45 96 34 40 00

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