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Nianet A/S

EasySignup is a natural part of hosting events

As sole responsible for the company's marketing, manual handling of signups for events isn't a welcome task in Mette Mølgaard's busy workday. Mette is head of marketing and single-handedly manages the company's events.

When it became clear that Nianet was going to host events on a regular basis, she contacted EasySignup, which she was already familiar with through her professional network. Nianet began hosting events in mid-2014, and EasySignup has been a part of them since the beginning. Nianet uses EasySignup for all external events such as customer care events, product launches and seminars.

- If we didn't have EasySignup, I'd have to manage signups through email or phone, which I'd neither be able to cope with nor have the time for. So it was natural for me to use EasySignup when we started out hosting events. That way we had a proper signup system that worked from the beginning.

EasySignup helps me through the entire process

Mette benefits from the use of EasySignup when Nianet hosts events. It's easy to create a new event, send out invitations, print name tags and contact attendees if important information needs to be sent out.

- When it comes to our business, it makes a very professional impression, and it's easy for our customers to sign up. They automatically receive a confirmation right away, and EasySignup contributes to keeping our public image professional. In addition, I constantly have a live status report, so that I can easily keep our sales department updated.

EasySignup is intuitive and easy to use

It's a must to Mette that EasySignup is easy to use. In a busy workday, IT systems simply have to work - and EasySignup does just that.

- It's so easy to use. If I need to use the support, they're available and quick to respond. But to be honest I haven't had a lot of questions yet. It's that simple.

Mette recommends EasySignup to other medium or large companies who host customer care events and need a simple, easy and professional signup system.

- I can't imagine hosting events without a signup system like EasySignup. It would simply be too chaotic and time-consuming. There's no alternative. It's a must-have.

Mette Mølgaard

Marketing Manager

Nianet A/S

Nianet delivers professional data communication solutions based on optical fiber to both the public and the private sector. Nianet was established in May 2003 and has around 125 employees across the headquarter in Glostrup, Denmark, a division in Skanderborg, Denmark, and five data centers. The company is owned by several Danish energy companies.

Nianet A/S
Ejby Industrivej 1
DK-2600 Glostrup
T: +45 70 20 87 30

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