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New Tomorrow

From handwritten notes to digital overview

Stina Stærfeldt, founder of Counselling & Coaching House New Tomorrow, chose to start using EasySignup to get more room in her calendar. Quite literally. When hosting theme nights and workshops, she usually jotted down names, phone numbers and email addresses for all attendees in her calendar. As the number of events grew, it became harder to keep an overview.

- It had become a bit chaotic to write every piece of information in my calendar. I needed to get the information out of my calendar and into a computer.

When she heard about EasySignup, she was eager to start using a new system.

With Easy Signup, I feel like more than just another customer - I'm a valued client.

Many concurrent events

Today, the signup process is simple and straightforward. Stina Stærfeldt starts by selecting a date, then composes a brief description of the event, lists it on New Tomorrow's website and then creates the event in EasySignup using the same information. Then she's ready to send out invitations for the event via newsletter, Facebook and various coaching websites. Attendees sign up by clicking the link and entering their details. Stina can then log in and see all information about each event and its attendees in EasySignup.

- I have several concurrent events, and all the information about attendees that I need is now gathered in one single place. This gives me a great overview of who's attending what, and if changes occur, it's easy to identify the people I need to get hold of.

With a smile she adds that EasySignup has also made it a whole lot easier for her colleague to follow the signups:

- Now my colleague can also be a part of the signup process, since the information is no longer written in my personal calendar.

Support is top-notch

Stina Stærfeldt has nothing but positive words to say about EasySignup:

- I'm super happy with both the system and the support. They're quick to respond to my questions but proactive as well. They made me aware that I'd forgotten to insert my logo on my EasySignup page. With EasySignup, I feel like more than just another customer - I'm a valued client.

Stina Stærfeldt

Coach and Stress Consultant

New Tomorrow

Counselling & Coaching House New Tomorrow is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and offers coach training, workshops, seminars for individuals and public institutions as well as free theme nights open to everyone.

Stina Stærfeldt is dedicated to raising the level of knowledge about the effect of coaching and works to bring the issues of business and stress coaching, family and couples coaching as well as teenage coaching into focus.

She's the only person in Denmark to also offer coach training for teachers and youth workers.

New Tomorrow
Edvard Griegs Gade 4, st.
DK-2100 København Ø
T: +45 2877 7099

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