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LabVikar ApS

Making dreams come true

Rikke Merton owns and operates Denmark's only nationwide temporary staffing and recruiting agency specifically for the laboratory industry, LabVikar ApS. At the same time, she teaches blood-sampling courses across the country, as well as offering presentations about stress prevention, seminars on entrepreneurship and much more. It hasn't always been like that, however.

I have expanded my business further than I ever dared dream of.

Thousands of emails

Before Rikke started using EasySignup as an administrative tool, most of her day was spent handling and forwarding job vacancies and courses to LabVikar's roughly 2000 candidates. It was all done manually in a regular email client and was pretty extensive work - not least due to the many emails that she got from candidates who wanted to, for instance, know more, open a profile, sign up for a course or cancel.

- I did everything manually. I had to read and address all of these emails. Then I sorted them and filled out an Excel sheet and generally just had to keep up with all the correspondence. It was a nightmare. I had a dream to expand my business concept, but administration unfortunately took up the major part of my time.

With EasySignup, most of these procedures are automated.

- EasySignup came as sent from above. It's been a great relief in my work, and I can now run several different blood-sampling courses across the country concurrently, because I'm rid of a lot of the administration.

Rikke estimates that the new signup system has saved half a staff member in administration of the blood-sampling courses alone.

A growing business

Thanks to the extra resources that EasySignup has made available, Rikke has now expanded her business considerably. In addition to the temporary staffing agency, she now does several different presentations, courses, workshops and after-work meetings. Where she used to be able to manage three presentations a year, she now speaks at three events every month because they come with much less administration.

- What I used to earn in a year, I now earn in a month. EasySignup has enabled me to keep more balls in the air at the same time - without having to employ new staff at the office.

Besides the blood-sampling courses and presentations, Rikke has even managed to find time to publish the books that had been lying in her desk drawer for a long time.

- EasySignup is an awesome tool and has enabled me to expand my business to more than I ever dared dream of.

Rikke Merton


LabVikar ApS

LabVikar is Denmark's only nationwide temporary staffing and recruiting agency specifically for the laboratory industry. The agency was founded on June 1st 2006 and was converted into a company in 2007.

LabVikar ApS
Buchwaldsgade 50
DK-5000 Odense C
T: +45 50 70 19 72

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