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home A/S

EasySignup ensures a good turnout for one of Denmark's largest real estate agents

If you're looking to fulfil your dreams about a new house or apartment, it's always a good idea to seek advice from a real estate agent. home is happy to share their expert knowledge through information meetings where potential buyers and sellers can learn more about buying their first place to call home, investing in real estate or other relevant topics.

Previously, signing up for one of the meetings used to be a process that involved a lot of manual work, which took away too much time from our individual partners, Henrik Bastrup Jacobsen, relation consultant at home's headquarters explains.

Then and now – a world of difference

Before, each local real estate agent was in charge of signups for the information meetings. And each agent had their own way of keeping track of the attendees - from yellow post-it notes to Excel sheets. Furthermore, adverts were run in local newspapers, which made it hard to track and document the effects. Henrik tells how this approach had several downsides:

- The local real estate agent lost track of how many attended the meetings. They also spent a considerable amount of manual work hours maintaining attendee lists, sending out confirmations and contacting attendees when meetings were cancelled. Unfortunately, the outcome of these meetings didn't always justify all this work and man hours.

home had an intention of optimizing the positive effects from the meetings, and EasySignup was the solution. The local agents now inform the headquarters when they wish to host an information meeting. This ensures structure and conformity in the meetings. Henrik sees several advantages in EasySignup, but the most important one is the reduction in time spent doing manual tasks.

- It's easier to advertise online, and this makes more people show up at our meetings since our online marketing is more efficient. We can specifically target exactly those groups that our information meetings are aimed at.

EasySignup streamlines our activities across the country. It supports our brand that meetings are now run in the same way whether you attend one in a city in the east or in the west of the country. But the single biggest impact for our local agents is the elimination of all manual aspects of the process. No more manual updating of attendee lists.

We've made it our own system

home has chosen to white label their EasySignup solution. This allows them to modify the signup pages exactly as needed to make them an integrated part of the company's branding.

- We are very pleased with the option of modifying domain, design etc., so that the solution suits our overall strategy for marketing events. It appears to the customers as a "home solution" rather than an external system. That's a crystal clear signal and important to us.

Henrik emphasizes the level of service from EasySignup

- They're easy to get hold of and very accommodating when reacting to our requests. I liked the fact that this is not a large company where my request could be lying around for days or weeks. Whenever I contact them, I reach someone who can either solve my problem or help me work around it. I've only been in touch with them a few times, but when the need is there, the support's worked really well.

Henrik recommends EasySignup to companies who need to keep track of signups and the administration of their events. It's a valuable tool for both internal and external use, such as customer events, Christmas parties or other internal events. He rounds off the interview:

- It's an inexpensive solution that provides us considerable value at a very reasonable price. I personally think it's the best signup system out there, so we're definitely not compromising on functionality. We get the best signup system, which also happens to be one of the least expensive ones - what's not to like? Henrik smiles.

Henrik Bastrup Jacobsen

Relations Consultant

home A/S

home A/S is one of Denmark's best known real estate agent with more than 160 agencies across Denmark. More than 800 dedicated employees are ready to help you through your real estate deal. Our keywords are security, peace of mind and customer service throughout the entire process.

Each year we facilitate real estate deals worth more than DKK 30 billion (~4 billion USD) across Denmark.

home A/S
Søren Frichs Vej 36 F
DK-8230 Åbyhøj
T: +45 86 15 43 00

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