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Much better overview of fitness classes

The training concept ”CrossFit” is becoming increasingly popular worldwide - also in Greenland, where CrossFit trainer Lasse Nymand, based in the city Nuuk, hosts several often fully booked fitness classes each week. The spots are in great demand, which is fantastic, but the administrative tasks that came with it started to take more time than Lasse Nymand was willing to accept:

- When administration of signups started to become a growing, daily task, it took away focus from the more fun aspects. It was time for a change, and I went searching online for different signup systems that could automate the process. EasySignup delivers all the features I was looking for, so I jumped at their offer.

Only positive feedback

Before EasySignup, signups were managed through Facebook, and according to Lasse Nymand that was annoying, manual work. He switched to EasySignup, and now if you want to participate in a CrossFit session, you can only find it and sign up via his EasySignup page.

- I've only heard positive feedback from my members. They think it's an easy and clever way to sign up. And for me as organizer, it's become much easier to host events, because the system now takes care of signups and email confirmations and gives me a complete overview of all participants.

Huge time savings

At the same time it's saved Lasse Nymand many hours in front of the computer screen. He used to spend time there every day to keep track of his events, but now only does it once a week.

- I estimate that I now only spend 20% of the usual time managing signups. EasySignup is very user-friendly, fast and efficient. But it's also a flexible system where the support team is very open to suggestions and improvements of the system to make it suit my needs even better.

Lasse Nymand also uses EasySignup as a database of his members, which is a good way of keeping in touch and letting them know about future events that may be relevant.

Lasse Nymand

CrossFit Trainer


CrossFit is an American fitness concept where you perform continuous, varied physical exercises with high intensity. CrossFit trainer Lasse Nymand is based in Nuuk, Greenland, and has hosted training sessions based on the CrossFit principles since 2012 with great success.

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