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EasySignup provides overview and security

Meet Camilla Olesen. She is an assistant in the part of Bayer, which sells pharmaceuticals to GPs and hospitals.

One of her tasks is to support sales activities towards customers, e.g. evening meetings, conferences and other large events. EasySignup play an important part in Camilla's work. EasySignup help Camilla keep track of the people attending the events as well as their information.

The spreadsheet is a thing of the past

Bayer used to receive event signups via e-mail or fax, after which Camilla copied the information into a spreadsheet.

Signups were often forwarded from the sales department. A very time-consuming procedure as Camilla explains:

- We used to save e-mails with signups in folders or print them before we copied the information into a spreadsheet. It was difficult to get an overview.

Unfortunately, the manual registration resulted in Camilla and her colleagues often not getting all the necessary information about the attendees, e.g. in relation to travelling abroad. This doesn’t happen with EasySignup.

- It’s a huge advantage that we add mandatory fields to the registration form that attendees must enter to register. In that way, we never lack important information about the attendees, Camila elaborates.

Using EasySignup Camilla always has the exact number of attendees for any event. There’s no overbooking – no even worse – a signup isn’t forwarded from the sales department resulting in booking to few plane tickets, hotel rooms or meals.

EasySignup is a clever investment

Camilla knew that Bayer had a need for more efficient event registration as the manual registration was far too time-consuming. After being introduced to EasySignup she had no doubt that this was the right solution. A decision she hasn’t regretted.

- EasySignup is a useful and necessary tool. Especially when you consider the purchase price, which is very competitive compared to other registration solutions.

Camilla experiences a lot of advantages of using EasySignup compared to manual registration. Planning and coordination of the events has become much easier, according to Camilla:

- It’s an advantage that we all work in the same system now. We can cover for each other if someone is sick or on vacation. We couldn’t do that before if the spreadsheet with signups was saved on a private computer.

EasySignup is also time-saving because Camilla and her colleagues don’t have to start from scratch every time they create an event. They just copy an existing event and make the necessary changes. She also sees it as an advantage that she can send important information to the participants directly from EasySignup.

Overview and flexibility are other strengths in EasySignup, as Camilla explains:

- We have a complete overview of signups all the time. I have logged on to EasySignup at home several times because I had to makes sudden changes. It’s not a system that I can access only from my work computer. I can access EasySignup everywhere. It's nice and easy.

They are so friendly

Camilla experiences EasySignup as a user-friendly and intuitive system with a minimum need for support. But when she needs help, EasySignup is ready.

- We get help quickly. EasySignup always have an understanding of what we are asking about and they are quick with a solution and advice on how we make things smart.

Camilla recommends EasySignup to anyone who organizes events.

- It’s common sense to use EasySignup for registering attendees compared to manual registration using e-mails and spreadsheets.

Camilla Olesen

Marketing Assistant


Bayer is a Life Science company with a more than 150-year history and core competencies in the areas of health care and agriculture. With our innovative products, we are contributing to finding solutions to some of the major challenges of our time.

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