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Dorthe Kramer works as a business support officer at BASF. She is an administrative coordinator in a department that sells and markets crop protection in Scandinavia and the Baltic States. She is bit of an all-rounder with contact to both colleagues and customers.

She uses EasySignup for large meetings, where BASF presents their products to customers. She also uses it for internal kick-offs and coordination meetings where all employees attend.

She hasn't always done that, though.

Returned to 300 e-mails after 2 weeks of absence

Dorthe clearly remembers how she started using EasySignup. She had just started in the job, and a large client meeting was just around the corner. At that time, BASF sent e-mails to customers, which they replied to if they wanted to attend.

Unfortunately, Dorthe was absent for 2 weeks. When she came back to the office there was approx. 300 e-mails waiting for her, as she explains:

- My inbox was full of e-mails with signups where important information was missing. I told myself that it was absolutely the last time that should happen.

The manual registration via e-mail had a number of challenges. Dorthe mentions in particular the workload of answering 300 e-mails - either to send a confirmation or collect missing information (which then means more e-mails back and forth).

- Responding to e-mails, coordinating attendee lists and changing them each time changes or cancellations came took so long. In addition, there were double registrations and e-mails with 5 registrations - but only one name. I was about to give up.

Dorthe met EasySignup at a fair, and after her experience with the many e-mails, the decision was made - she was going to use EasySignup for her events. A decision she does not regret today.

- Our event registration works impeccably. EasySignup has made our administration of events much faster and less resource demanding.

She is very fond of the “copy event” feature, which lets her duplicate an existing event for future use. Other benefits are that EasySignup automatically sends registration confirmations where attendee can cancel their registration without contacting Dorthe.

Overall, the biggest and most important benefits are that EasySignup is time-saving and easy to access, as Dorthe elaborates.

- The time I spent answering 300 e-mails can instead be used on "fun" tasks. Administration is necessary, but it should not steal too much time. EasySignup contributes to that.

She mentions cancellation of a meeting as a specific example. Before, she had to create mailing lists manually, copy them into an e-mail and remember to bcc everyone - with EasySignup; she cancels the meeting and sends a single e-mail to all attendees.

EasySignup is easy to use

Dorthe experienced EasySignup as easy to access back when she started using the system.

- It is natural to have reservations about new IT systems. Can I figure it out and does the system meet my needs? But EasySignup is super-easy to use.

She can easily get an overview of the events that she can access whenever she wants. At the same time, it is easy to update colleagues. It actually happens without Dorthe having to do anything.

Dorthe is very satisfied when talking about the service provided by EasySignup.

- It is a straight A. They are available and respond quickly. This is important as you often have a certain issue that needs to be solved.

Dorthe happily recommends EasySignup to others planning and organizing events.

- EasySignup can help anyone managing registrations in e-mails and spreadsheets as I did before. No doubt.


"After just a few clicks, you've completed your signup, and it's difficult to make mistakes since the system's user-friendly and easy to comprehend"

- Helle Boyding, Marketing Assistent, Beierholm

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"EasySignup offers a much larger toolbox gathered in one place than we had earlier when we used different systems. That's a huge advantage."

- Morten Lund, Lecturer, Ph.D., Business Model Society

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Event registration? Easy peasy if you ask